Saturday, February 20, 2016

External DVD Drive Review - The Best External DVD 2016

As laptop continues to get more slim in size and many start lacking internal DVD drive and to some, the once that came with there laptop is damaged, or what ever the reason maybe. There would be need for an External DVD Drive if your laptop does not come with one or its damaged. Also, there are too many DVD Drive ranging from an array of price list.

The good news is that the DVD Drive is very affordable and can be used with different laptop (it is not limited to just one Laptop). So, if you plan to Rip, Burn or Watch, it would be better to get a DVD Drive that can comfortably handle this without crashing every seconds or minutes.

However, after hours of research, looking for a speedy Optical External Drive that work on both PC and Mac with the ability to Rip, Burn and Watch, the LG Electronics 8X USB 2.0 Super Multi Ultra Slim Portable DVD Rewriter External happens to be our choice. The Drive is fast,
good design, low price and compatible for both Mac and PC, this options makes it the best available in 2016.
Price: $26.83
Buy From: Amazon

The Drive offer an overall slim design of only 14mm high optimizes space. It allows for a sleek companion to thin Ultrabooks and enhanced portability with Style Evolution from Slimmer to Slimmest and also offer a superior data protection with M-DISC™ Support that uses a patent rock like recording surface instead of organic dye to etch your data onto a disc. The M-DISC has been confirmed as the most standard disc in the market currently.

Also, the DVD offers 8x DVD-R Writing Speed with a Quickly and easy access to connect the Drive to TV via USB for the playback. It also has a Jamless Play support which automatically prevents stop video playback in case of damaged disc, such as scratches or fingerprints by jumping through the erroneous data or damaged areas and its fully compatible for both Windows and MAC OS.
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