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Android Phone: The Top Android Phones in Nigeria 2016(Updated)

Android phones is really an awesome innovation buy choosing the right one is most times the issue for may persons. So far this 2016 many Android Phones has been doing very great and people who has bought some them has been praising some of them.

Not all products will certify everybody that why we have collected a list Ten Android Phones that has been receiving good recommendations from the people who has recently bought so you can make a choice

If you want to buy a phone and probably you are confused and don't know which one to buy or maybe you have not concluded your decision this collection of top 2016 android phones will help you to finalize your decision.

This list includes all phone making companies that serves Nigerians and the selection only includes the Android Phones that meets the 5 things that makes a great phone. So, in case there is a phone you are expecting and it is not here that means it does not meet one or more of these 5 things a good phone have.

The top Android Phones are

Infinix Hot 2 X510

This is the peoples phone(peoples choice), these innovation from infinix is our choice of the best Android Phone with over 3,000 already sold on only Konga. This phone has accumulated a lot o testimonies from the users.

The Infinix Hot 2 runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop has a 1GB Ram and an Internal Memory of 16GB. This phone can accept and External Memory upto 32GB to increase the amount of Storage. A screen of 5.0Inch, Processor of 1.3GHz Quad Core, a Batter of 2200mAH. The Phone has back Camera capacity of 13MP and front 5MP, Supports HotSpot and has 3G. This phone can perform multitask.

See what people who has bought these phone has to say about it.
Currently the Price is #23,200. Buy from Konga.

Gionee Marathon M5 Mini

This phone at last made our top 2 list, hmmm. Initially when this company came to Nigeria I never believe there innovation can compete with Tecno and Infinix because they have already captured Nigerians mind. But, you won't believe how awesome this phone.

This phone has a 2GB Ram(the phone is supper fast, can't hang unnecessarily), an Internal memory of 16GB, a Camera quality of 8MP back and 5MP front. The phone runs on Android 5.1 lollipop with a processor of 1.3GHz.

The Battery capacity of this phone is wonderful 4000mAH(the phone last upto 48 hours on stand by). This phone has been sold over 190 only Konga and people who bought the phone has been happy with the technology see here

The price is #33,000. Buy from Konga.

Tecno Boom J8

A new innovation from Tecno. This phone just came out why is it among thee top 3(are you wondering?) well,this phone that just came has already sold more than 10 just on Konga.

This phone specifications are awesome, imaging the Tecno Boom J8 has a Ram of 2GB, an internal memory of 16GB with an expandable capacity of upto 128GB Micro SD(if you like to save lots of files this is your phone) with a back Camera of 13MP and front 5MP.

The phone has a non-removeable Battery capacity of 3000mAH that charges as fast as 15 minutes and last 8 hours of call time. The phone has FM Radio.

The price is #46,000, if you Buy from Konga you get a free Original Pouch and HeadPhone.

Gionee Marathon M5

Don't get confused, the first one was Gionee Marathon M5 Mini and its different from this very one. This the M5  and not the Mini hope you get it?

This is a very nice product from Gionee with this phone having a Battery capacity of 6020mAh(fast charging), and also supports 4G lite with a Ram of 2GB and Internal Memory of 16GB.

It runs on Android 5.1 lollipop and have a back Camera of 13MP and front of 5MP, a processor 1.5GHz. See More details here.

The Price is #56.500. Buy from Konga.

Tecno Canno C8

This is one of the most amazing innovation from Tecno which is designed to focus on Photography. The phone has a rear Camera of 13MP and front 5MP. It runs on Android 5.1 lollipop and has a processor of 1,3GHz.

This phone has a battery capacity of 3000mAh(fast charge) the have a good user experience.

Price #38,999
Check out phone and get a free Selfie Stick and a 12,000mAH Powerbank worth #3000 when you Buy

Infinix Hot Note 2 x600

Another Nice product from Infinix with over 300 already sold only on Konga, this phone was designed with the customers in mind with long lasting battery capacity and good camera quality.

This Infinix Hot Note has a Battery capacity of 400mAH(15 mins charge and 8 hours of calls), a rear Camera of 13MP and frint 2MP and has a display of 6 Inch.

The phone supports Wi-fi, Hotspot and runs on Android 5.1, a ram of 1GB and 16GB Internal Memory which can accept an expandable memory upto 32GB.

The Price is #39,000 check it out and Buy from Konga

InnJoo Fire Plus

This is the first Innjoo Phone that is making the list, the reassson is because this particular InnJoo product is worth it. here is the specs and the price

OS: Android 5.1 lollipop
Memory: Internal  16GB
Ram: 2GB

Click here for more details

Vsun DNA - Black

This is a new company, I am even seeing this product for the first time, but I believe that there is something very special about this phone that made over 100 persons to buy it just on Konga.

This Vsun phone has a display of 5 Inch,13MP back Camera and 5MP front. An Internal Memory of 16GB and Ram of 2GB, running on Android 4.4Kitkat with a processor of 1.7GHz.

The phone supports 3G an people how bout this phone has been praising it. See here

The price is #30,600. Buy from Konga
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