Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Asus Laptop X553MA Specificationm, Price and Review

Considering the fact that Asus has many cool laptops, the X553MA is a very good and affordable one. With several hours put in checking out this X553MA I can proudly say to you that this laptop is a very good laptop.

The functionalities which makes this laptop an awesome laptop includes:

RAM 4/5

The RAM is what enables the computer to run many different applications or software without crashing. This laptop has a RAM 4GB which is a very nice one. A laptop with this amount of ram is capable of running as many software's as possible without crashing.

Generally, the most common RAM around is 2GB, this means that a laptop with 4GB Ram will perform perfectly fine.


The Hard disk is where every thing on the Laptop is been saved even the software's installed are all installed on the hard disk. A laptop that has a very large amount of hard disk means it will be capable of saving much files(like documents, videos, musics, pictures, software's and more).

The hard disk size of this laptop is 500GB. This is a very large amount of space to save virtually everything you would want to save.


The processor of the laptop determines the speed of the laptop, the means that a laptop with high processor GHz will be very fast. This one has a moderately high processor that is capable to give you a nice performance.

The processor is 2.58GHz which is a nice one to work with.


The connections necessary in a laptop includes things like, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which in this modern age it is compulsory to own a laptop that has them.

This laptops has bluetooth v4.0 and wi-fi 802.11 bgn.

Other cool features of this laptop includes, A windows 8.1 operating system, has a webcam, a display of 15.6 and had DVD Rom.


I recommend this laptop to mainly people who wants a quality laptop and does not have enough budget like students, people with little salary and people wants to own a laptop.

The reason I recommended this laptop to these set of individual is because the price is very cheap and affordable.

The price is #87,000. Buy from Konga. Ir was a two year warranty.  

Note: This laptop is of two types and the higher version of it has a Hard Disk of 1TB, check it out here.
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