Tuesday, April 12, 2016

External Hard Drive: The Best Cheap 2TB Hard Disk 2016

Probably you've been looking for a good hard drive to backup you files, the good news is to search no more. After spending several hours researching for a good hard disk the 2TB Seagate Expansion USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive happens to be our pick as the best. In fact, this article also confirms the hard disk a a very good one.

Currently, this Seagate Expansion 2TB hard disk is the best portable HBB with the storage disk has nice features which includes:

USB 3.0 and 2.0 to give you a faster experience.
Plug and Play, you do not need to install any software or worry about downloading drivers 

The 2TB storage space gives you confidence not to worry about how to manage or backup your files.


The primary purpose of External Hard Disk is to backup your files(videos, documents, musics, applications and more).

The reason is because, the computer may be attacked by virus at anytime, and the most common solution is to format the computer's hard drive and you know what that means.

Every thing in the computers goes out. To avoid this issue it is advisable to own a Storage Device to help backup you file. Also, it is advisable to backup always.


Owning a storage device is not for any special group of persons. It is highly recommended that anybody who owns a laptop or a desktop and works on it should have a storage device to backup his/her files on a regular bases.

Though, some group of people like video editors, graphic designers and others who work regularly would need a storage device with large storage space. This is where the 2TB Seagate External Hard Disk comes in handy.

Because the large space is capable to handle all your files and you will have noting to worry about.

This Seagate Hard Disk currently has been sold more than 50 only on Konga and people who bought this device has been praising it(Read the reviews).

However, We recommend only what we know is good and people who has it have good reviews. We would not advice anybody who wants a quality hard disk to go below this.

The price is #21,999 on Konga. I recommend buying this 2TB for #21,000 other than buying 1TB for #17,000. You can still check it out.
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