Sunday, April 3, 2016

Phone Review: Infinix Hot 2 X510 Detailed Spec and Price

The Infinix Hot 2 X510 is a stylishly designed smartphone specially made for personal life. it is a combination of affordability and functionality which is powered buy a Quad-Core 1.3GHz chipset which ensure that the phone performs smoothly. 

hese may be your new phone if you are intending to replace your phone. Thes innovation from Infinix is really an awesome one. Anyone who wants to buy phone at these modern age checks out these things

  • Camera Size
  • Battery Life
  • Memory Size 
These are the major things the check out. But there is another major and very important the they don't care about and these thing makes them regret after buying a particular phone.

That thing is "They forget to check if the part is in the market" and these reason have made many people to dumb phones they bought at a very expensive price. My advice to you reading this is.

Before you buy any gadget, ask if the gadgets parts in available in the market else you may also end up dumping yours after maybe the screen, speaker, mouth piece or any other part gets damaged.

That is part of the things that made these Infinix Hot 2 awesome because the parts is all over the market in-case if has issue(we are not wising the phone develops a problem but, when you are informed, you will make an informed decision). You never can tell.

However, other cool things that makes these phone worth buy are:


The phone has a good camera Mega Pixel, if you are driven by the camera of a phone you can try it out. It has a back camera of 8MB and front camera of 2MB. I


The phone has a very nice memory size which includes a 16GB Internal Memory and an Expandable Memory up to 32GB MicroSD Card.. This means that the phone store a lots of file and if the 16GB is not enough for you, you may want to increase the internal memory to 32GB MicroSD Card.

This phone has a RAM of 2GB which means that the phone can perform smoothly without hanging, because of the Ram Size the phone boots up very fast and give a nice user experience.

  Battery Life

The phone has a battery life of 2200 mAH Lion, these size means that on stand by(if not been used) the phone last for about 30 hours if fully charged.

Network and Connectivity

These phones supports 3G, Edge,  Hotspot, 4G Lite, and USB Ports.

These are the core features of these phone, for more details or confusion about these phone, people who has already bought these phone has been praising this innovation from Infinix you can see it here.

The Price is #30,000(thirty thousand naira).
Buy from Konga.
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