Friday, April 8, 2016

Selfie Stick: The Best Cheap Selfie Stick in Nigeria 2016

Selfie stick is simple and expandable pole for taking photos with smartphones. In case you don't know what it is, it enables you to snap your self using the front camera of your smartphone with ease. It is a very important tool when taking a photo of self and self plus others.

Over the years there has been too many selfie stick of different price and of different quality, I put in several hours to check out this selfies sticks at a very considerable amount. Here are the best

Lordbex Selfie Stick

This is the best cheap selfie stick in Nigeria. This selfies stick has been sold more than 2500 already(only on konga). If you want to buy a selfie stick you can consider this because it is very good for reaching height and all corners because it is extendable.

It makes a self-portrait take very easy, the selfie stick is adjustable phone holder makes helps it to work with both small and large screen smart phones and the selfie stick uses no battery, no charger and no remote shutter and it is easy to use.

The Price is #700
Buy from Konga
For more details about selfie stick
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