Friday, April 15, 2016

Tablets: The Best Cheap Android Tablet 2016

Most times people who wants to buy Android Tablets are face with the challenge of beating the price, Android Tablet is really a great give but I understand the price to some makes them very difficult for an average person to afford.

Despite how expensive many may cost, there are still very good once that you can buy cheap. What we do here is to go through the Internet Shops in Nigeria and sort for goods stuffs at cheaper price so that those who can't afford the expensive price can option for an alternative.

So, the case of Android Tablet is not different. After several research the Alcatel One Touch Pixi is our choice. The tablet is very cheap and as of the time of writing, it has already sold more than 600 on Konga along and people who bought this table has been saying good things about this awesome innovation see it below or Read what the owners have been saying by your self.

Other things about this table includes:


The Tablet does not have a front camera but has a back camera of 2MP.


It has an Internal storage of 4GB and can be expanded by adding a MicroSD Card up to 8GB and has a RAM of 512MB which runs on Android 5.0 lollipop.


It has a good and long lasting battery life, its battery capacity is 2820mAh which capable enough to carry you without having to carry charger everywhere you go.

Generally, it has a nice large display of 7-Inch with a Processor of 1.3Ghz.

For those who like high quality stuffs, this tablet is not recommended for you because this one have a low configuration like the camera size and the storage space. This reasons this is like this is for those who wants an android tablet but don't have the money to afford the high configuration once.

The price is #19,850
Buy from Konga
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