Monday, April 11, 2016

Wireless Mouse: The Best Wireless Mouse(Review and Price)

Mouse is a very essential tool for our PC as it lets you work comfortably with your PC's. There are numerous list of Wireless or Bluetooth mouse that gives you relaxation when working and these makes your work fun.

Wireless/Bluetooth Mouse reduces stress when working, they provide comfort and so we have put in several hours and researched the best once for you. from the the research the logitech wireless mouse is our pick.

Logitech Wireless/Bluetooth Mouse

This mouse is a very simple and reliable innovation from Logitech and it is a plug play mouse, no configuration is needed or any settings applied. It has a tiny wireless receiver which gives you a solid connection to your PC that you can comfortably rely on at any moment.

One amazing thing about this mouse is that it has a 12 months battery life, meaning that this handles your frequent battery changes. Just one battery will carry you for a whole year.

The Price is #5,000
Buy from Konga

However, this may be too high for some persons and would need some other good cheaper once. Other good once includes:

Wireless Mouse

This mouse is a high quality bluetooth mouse with over 55 already sold on Konga, it has a capacity to connect with your PC from a distance of 30 feet and secures 128-bit with an over the air encryption.

The mouse has an optical tracking engine which allows you to work very well on almost every surface and it is designed with a single button which makes it confortable to use and has ON/Off switch to help save your battery power when yo are travelling or when not in use.

The price is #3,999
Buy from Konga.

HP Wireless Mouse

There will always be an option for people who may not be able to afford more expensive products. In the case of mouse, This HP wireless mouse gives you same service at a cheaper price. This mouse is ergonomically designed for comfortable use.

It can connect wirelessly through 2.4GHz wireless signal and is compatible with all windows operating system and has a plug and play function(no additional drivers is need to download)

The price is #1,500
Buy from Konga
Other Cheaper mouse: ODE Universal Mouse. 1,300

Jeway Wireless Mouse

This mouse is a quality icore sleek form with fitting ergonomic curved design, the mouse connects to your laptop wirelessly through 2.4GHz transmits from up to 10 meters distance.

This mouse does not require any need for installing and downloading special drivers because its simply a plug and play.

The price is #2,200
Buy from Konga
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