Saturday, June 4, 2016

Etisalat Data Plan Code for Modem and Android Smartphones 2016

Just like other Network providers, the Etisalat NG has different kinds of data subscription which depends on different prices depending on the one you want. The subscription comes in Daily, Weekly and Monthly format.

Etisalat Daily Data Play for Android and PC's

The daily data plan comes in two format, one of 50 Naira and the one of 100 Naira. See details below
  • Price: 50 Naira / 100 Naira
  • Data: Allocation: 10MB / 50MB
  • Code: *229*3*8# / *229*3*1#
  • Valid: 24 Hours
Etisalat Weekly Data Play for Android and PC's
  • Price: 200 Naira
  • Data Allocation: 200MB
  • Code:*229*3*10#
  • Valid: 7 Days
Etisalat Monthly Data Play for Android and PC's
Here, the data subscription comes in verity of ways depending on the price. The data ranges from 1.5GB to 22GB. See details
  • Price: 1000 Naira
  • Data Allocation: 1.5GB
  • Code:*229*2*7#
  • Valid: 30 days

  • Price: 2000 Naira
  • Data Allocation: 3.5GB
  • Code:*229*2*8#
  • Valid: 30 days

  • Price: 3000 Naira
  • Data Allocation: 6.5GB
  • Code:*229*2*9#
  • Valid: 30 days

  • Price: 8000 Naira
  • Data Allocation: 16GB
  • Code:*229*2*5#
  • Valid: 30 days
Please Note: These data allocation may be exulted before the valid day reaches depending on how you use it and if it remains after the valid day it will be expired.
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