Monday, July 25, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Already Breaking Records and Setting NEW Once

The Samsung Glaxy Note 7 is yet to be lunched and already it has started breaking records with its specs and setting new once. Usually, breaking and setting records deal with setting a new milestone. So, in the context of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, its prototypical existence and specifications that we can confidently say that the Note 7 is breaking records, even as the Note 7 hasn’t even been announced yet.

From the leaked specs, smartphone users have a general expectation that with each next-generation smartphone, the technology used in the Galaxy Note 7 will progress beyond that of the current or previous generations of smartphones. So, this makes sense, but the technological progress the Galaxy Note 7 has over its predecessors will blow your mind. And so, without any other add on, here are the Galaxy Note 7 record settings.

The First Galaxy Note to showcase the Always On Display
The Always On Display is a new feature introduced by Samsung and first arrived on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and this feature will be first seen on the Note 7. It lets you view some notifications such as Samsung email and text messages with a recent update. The addition of th AOD on the Galaxy Note 7 will set a new record because it’ll be the first Note to feature the second screen, but it will also break the record of having the Note display go “black,”

The First Galaxy Note to Feature 64GB Minimum Internal Storage
The Galaxy Note 7 has doubled the internal storage space of the Galaxy S series, the latest Galaxy S 7 edge features a 32GB in built storage, but the Note 7 will feature a 64GB internal storage. This new storage allocation sets a new record for the Note 7 making it the first every Galaxy Note to have such an awesome inbuil space.

The First Galaxy Note to Feature IP68 Water Resistant and Dust Resistant
Already, consumers have great love and respect for the Note 7, but Samsung has teased things up by adding water and dust resistant to the Note. The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge is the first smartphone to feature IP68 water and dust resistance, users ask if Samsung would bring it to the Galaxy Note 7? Finally, “yes.”

The Galaxy Note 7 will become the first Galaxy Note smartphone to feature IP68 water and dust resistance, and it will break the long-lived water risk of the Galaxy Note lineup. In IP68 water and dust resistance, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is breaking and setting new records.

The First Galaxy Note to Feature a More Battery Capacity
2,500mAh battery capacity was featured in the first generation of Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2. Later, the Galaxy Note 3 featured an improved battery capacity of 3200mAh, then 3220mAh was featured in the Note 4 and 3000mAh in the last Note 5.

SO, here is the boost, the Galaxy Note 7 is expected to come with a battery capacity of 4000mAh battery capacity, assuming this is true, the Galaxy Note 7 will have one of the largest battery boosts we’ve seen from the Galaxy Note line since its first generation.

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