Monday, August 15, 2016

Amazing - Samsung Lunches Impressive 32TB SSD Drive

Samsung has taken the scale of storage level in to another height. Already, the company's has 1TB commercially available SSDs, but the company is demonstrating that it can scale up storage to impressive levels. The V-NAND technology, which recently show of Samsung fourth-generation has helped the company to produce a solid state drive of 32TB in 2.5-Inch size. This 32TB is now a leader in the global SSD market and Samsung believes they can reach 100TB capacity in a short time to come.
This new 32TB Serial Attached SCSI SSD was showd of by Samsung and will basically offers twice the capacity of its PM1633a drive. Samsung has created this SSD by using 32 1TB and all the packages have 512 V-NAND chips stacked in 16 layers.Samsung expects to produce this SSD in 2017 and is aiming for a 100TB SSD to be in the store within the next four years.

With this attempt, it goes to show that Samsung is in serious business when it comes to its lead in the SSD market and even though competitors like Seagate are pushing the envelope with 60TB SSDs in 3.5-inch form factor, Samsung want to clearly let them know that it wont be easy to overtake them in the market.
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