Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Best Portable Tripod Projector Screen Stand 2016

When presentation is to made at a fixed place or venue, then a projector screen that is mounted either on the wall or on the ceiling would be the perfect choice. But, the Portable tripod projector screen stand is best suitable for mobile presentation as it can be folded and be removed at the end of any presentation. In case where the venue is fixed venue, then it is best to use a mountable projector screen stand.

In most case, the choice of the projector stand may be the problem. The 72 by 72 Inch Portable Tripod Projector Screen (6ft by 6ft) is the best choice. It is the modest and best suitable for relatively small venue. The stand is controlled manually with the use of string to pull it down and up, unlike the remote controlled stand.

In a situation where the wall or the ceiling area for mountain your screen is too small, the 72 by 72 Inch projector stand would be a perfect option. Also presentations in Training Centers, Meeting Rooms, Classroom and Churches are a good option to use the 72 by 72 Inch Manual Projector Stand.

The projector is a perfect option for mobile usage, it is a screen you setup at the presentation venue and roll it up after the presentation. The stand can;
  • Easily be setup
  • Easy to dismantle and pack after presentation
  • Lightweight and portable size
  • Durable components for long life usage
  • Mount at the venue of presentation
  • High display impact
  • Suitable with all projectors
  • Can be viewed from any angle
  • Integrated carry handle to ease carriage
  • Adjustable height, with strong and durable tripod stand
  • Full high-definition rendition, with 3D compatible
  • Screen surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water
  • Flame retardant and mildew resistant
  • Comes with a durable casing that guarantee optimum protection to the stand
  • Affordable
72 by 72 Inch Portable Tripod Projector Screen Stand 

With all this cool features and function, many may expect the price of this Project screen stand to be extremely high, Nut for 25,000 Naira you can get this stand on Konga Nigeria and pay at your door step. Also get a discount when you pay using KongaPay. This product on Konga is under the 7 days Return Policy.

So, if you order and don't like it (but you will certainly love it), you can return it back. If you stay in Lagos state, you can get the stand same day when you place the order before 11AM.

Price: 25,000 Naira
Buy From: Konga or Check it Out

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