Monday, August 8, 2016

PlayStation 5, an Upgrade of PlayStation 4 to be Lunched by September

Game lovers has been curious to know when Sony will lunch the upgrade of the PlayStation 4, according to the report made by Gameblog (a French gaming website) today. The report claims that Sony is planing to hold the unveiling of the PlayStation 5 in New York City on September 7, and VICE Gaming has also claimed to have heard it from several unnamed sources that is close to Sony.

Publickly, sony is yet to confirm these date, but there's room to believe that both reports are right, and that Sony may hold an event at TGS this year for members of the Asian press, also hold an event in New York City for the North American and then European press corps.

Ever since the existence of Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 was first leaked online there has been a bit of a mystery. In the months since, we've heard a bit about its proposed specs and how the upgraded hardware will radically improve PlayStation VR's performance.
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