Monday, August 15, 2016

Tablets You can Buy - The Top Best Tablet in Nigeria 2016

When we talk about the best tablet in Nigeria, the Tecno WinPad10 will run in to most persons mind because of its features. No doubt about that, also there are still other  good tablets you can consider in a case where the WinPad seems to be expensive for you. Among this list of the 2016 top tablets, tablets with good features with an affordable is what we are concentrated more on.

With that in mind, here are the best tablet you can buy in Nigeria.

1. Tecno WinPad10

Price: 57,750 Naira
Buy From: Konga

The WinPad10 is the latest Tecno Tablet running on windows OS 10 Operating System featuring a 2GB Ram, 32GB Internal Storage with a 10.1-Inch touchscreen Display. Also, the tablet is powered with an Intel Quad core Processor with 3G Network support and also support a wireless connection via Bluetooth and Wifi.

The tablet is pack with power, with a 7000mAh Battery Capacity and 2MP from webcam Camera and 5MP back Camera. However amazing this tablet looks and appears very close to perfection something is still missing. When buying this tab, please bear in mind that it does not make calls.

2. Alcatel Pixi 4

Price: 24,000 Naira
Buy From: Konga

Am amazing budget tablet with premium features, the price, first of all is very considerate and with its 7-Inch Display, 1GB Ram size, an Internal 16GB Storage, 5MP back Camera and 2MP front Camera, 2580mAh Battery Capacity and running on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS makes it a nice tablet to own. Also not that this tablet supports only single SIM Card and can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, Wifi and Hotspot.

3. Tecno Phonepad 7E

Price: 38,000 Naira
Buy From: Konga

An upgrade the Tecno 7 series tablet flagship, the Phonepad 7E with a 7-Inch IPS touchscreen Display, 1GB Ram size, 16GB Internal Storage, 5MP back Camera and 2MP front Camera. The tab has a long lasting Battery Capacity of 4100mAh and support dual SIM Card. The tab also support 4G LTE Network and con connect wirelessly via Wifi, Bluetooth and Hotspot.

4. Bryte G7

Price: 36,800 Naira
Buy From: Konga

Recently, not quite long I started seeing this product in peoples hand. Initially, I felt it may not be a good product to recommend but when I saw the specs and features ma mind was blown off. Here is, the tab has 7-Inch touchscreen Display, 2GB Ram size and 16GB Internal Storage space. Wonderful right?

Also, it has an 8MP back Camera and 2MP front Camera, 4000mAh Battery Capacity and 3G Network support. The tablet also support dual SIM Card and MicroSD Card expansion up to 64GB and it runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop OS.

5. Diamond Poise P3

Price: 35,500 Naira
Buy From: Konga

This is no joke that this table runs on 5.1 Lollipop OS, powered with 1GB Ram and 16GB Internal Memory with a MicroSD Card support of up to 64GB. The tablet may be a new product but had good features, support 4G LTE Network, 5MP and 2MP Camera. Bluetooth, Wifi and Hotspot wireless connections.

The new affordable table is awesome, but one major challenge the owners may face is that the spear parts are not available in Nigeria, meaning that if any thing gets spoils, the tab may not be repaired.  
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