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The Best 32-Inch LED HD TV 2016 You Can Buy

The choice of Television Size is 32-Inch, the reason to most people is because most 32-inch TVs are meant for a secondary room and also the price is very conscious. However, the Samsung 32 Inch HD LED TV is the best choice of 32-Inch HD TV because apart from the affordable price tag, the Samsung 32-Inch TV is back with awesome functionalities. Also, it has the best feature of a 32-Inch TV and still helps you to save up to 30%.

There are lots of 32-Inch HD TV that differs in price and and features. In most cases, the once with more features and functionality is more expensive, if you are okey with the price for the once that has more functions and features you can go for them else you go for any other one that is available at a lower price that suits you, However, the best 32-Inch LED HD TV from our pick are;

1. Samsung 32-Inch HD LED TV
The 32-Inch Samsung HD LED Television is equipped with block capacitors which enables the TV to absorb lightning strikes up to 15 KV and each chipset in the TV is coated with Silica Gel and Anti-humidity glue to protect the TV from moisture. Also, the TV comes with varistor blocks and capacitor that can withstand up to 750 V of high fluctuation. You can also experience a clean view with 32-Inch TV and support 4 series port, you can connect your USB Flash Drive into the Television to enjoy Movies, Musics and Photos from the flash.

Tech Specifications
  • 4 Series Ports
  •  32-Inch Screen Size
  • 1366 x 768 Resolution
  • 1 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 Composite AV, 1 Audio Output Connections
  • Front Color - Black
  • AC100-240V 50/60Hz Power Supply
  • 56 W Max Power Consumption
  • 100 Clear Motion Rate
  • Package Weight 7.7 kg
Price of the Samsung 32-Inch LED HD TV

The price of the 32-Inch Samsung LED HD TV depends on the location and where you are buying it from, currently the price ranges between $175 to $180, However, the price on Amazon is $177 and on Konga Nigeria is 68,200 Naira.

Check out the Samsung UN32J4000 32-Inch 720p LED TV (2015 Model) on Amazon for $177
Samsung 32-Inch HD LED TV on Konga Nigeria for.68,200 Naira

Pros of Samsung 32-Inch LED HD TV

With the clean view programming integrated into the TV you can experience crystal-clear view from your TV. Also, the TV has an auto noise-removal technology, it removes digital and analog noise that is seen on the screen. The Analog Noise Filter enhances the picture quality by deleting visual noise.

Samsung has equipped the 32-Inch TV with block capacitors that allows the TV to absorb lightning strikes up to 15 KV. Also, each chipset used is coated with Silica Gel and Anti-humidity glue to protect the TV from moisture.

The TV is also equipped with ConnectShare and also enables you to simple plug your USB flash drive into the TV and enjoy your Movies, Audios and photos directly. With this, you can now enjoy a wider varieties of content from the confort of your home instantly.

Finally, the TV comes with varistor blocks and capacitor that can withstand up to 750 V of high fluctuation. It also uses an advanced picture quality improvement algorithm to improves the quality of any image and uncovers hidden details.

Cons of Samsung 32-Inch LED HD TV

With the cool stuff of the 32-Inch TV, it is however very important to let you know some the expected stuff that is lacking which includes;

Smart Interaction features such as face recognition, voice interaction and control is not support in this 32-Inch. Also, the TV dos not support content streaming and does not have a Wifi-Direct feature.

Buy Now

Buy Samsung UN32J4000 32-Inch 720p LED TV (2015 Model) on Amazon or Buy From Konga Nigeria.


Maybe the price of the Samsung 32-Inch TV may be too expensive for you to afford, that does not mean you if you cant afford it then know other better once. Apart from the 32-Inch Samsung TV there are still some good once with amazing features also and they include;

1. Scanfrost 32-inch LED HD TV
Scanfrost 32-Inch LED HD TV is another awesome 32-Inch TV, one of the best sellers on Konga with moderately affordable price. The LED HD TV has a brilliant screen display with a high definition resolution of 1366 by 768, which makes it perfect for entertainment which can include watching a great movie and also very good for playing your favorite video game. It has an ultra-thin body that ensures that space is never an issue.

It also has an Energy Saving capability, so nothing to worry about low power, the Scanfrost 32” LED TV would help you save cost on your electricity bills and its USB Port allows you to watch Videos, Images and Music from your flash drive. Indeed, it takes entertainment has been taken to the next level.

The HD TV has a 32 Inch LED Display, Ultra Thin Design, Energy Saving, a 1366 x 768 Resolution HDMI port, USB port.

Price: 59,000 Naira
Buy From: Konga

2. Sharp 32 Inch LED TV
Sharp, has been a popular name with top quality products that is affordable. Their LED TV is a 32” Full HD LED television to cater to your viewing needs. Great for movies, or video games, the LED TV is HDMI enabled television fits perfectly on any wall. If you’re in need of a solution for your room with an affordable peice, the LC-32LE150M will be a great alternative.

Full High Definition Sharp introduces a great solution for your room. Whether you’re about to watch movies, football matches or video games, you’ll be watching in absolute clarity. At 1080p, you’re able to appreciate and view every minor detail in a new light. 32" (1366 x 768) Aquos LED Panel Super Eco Mode HDMI terminal for simple connection with AV equipment Antenna Booster, 1 HDMI port and 1 USB port.

Price: 57,000 Naira
Buy From: Konga
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