Monday, August 1, 2016

The Top Rated Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case 2016 in Nigeria

It is very much important to protect your Galaxy smartphone with top quality cases to prvent it from scratch, out there, there are lots of cases but which is the best high quality case for you. Here we are listing the 5 best quality Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case. Remember that S7 is not the same size with S7 Edge. This post is for S7 Edge.

1 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Flip Case
Price: 7000 Naira
Buy from: Konga

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case is a Folio Flip PU Leather Case that comes in Transparent Back, Unique Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Gold) that protects your smartphone against damage or scratch when mistakenly dropped on the ground. This is a premium case, one of a kind made with leather with a unique design.

2. Samsung Galaxy S7 Egde Clear Case
Price: 7000 Naira
Buy From: Konga

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Slim Case Thin Case Clear back Cover bumper protective side and gorgeous design case- (Gold). It is flexible enough to make taking it on and off the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge very easy and its also tough enough to protect it from any damage or scratch. Far from the bulky design you might expect from the case, the clearn case is super-slim, adding very little bulk and weight to your smartphone.

3. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Platina Case
Price: 6000 Naira
Buy From: Konga

The Platina case is slim Galaxy S7 edge standard case with camera out and prevents the Galaxy S7 Edge from damages and scratches on unexpectedly. Also, not only does this case protects your device it also give the device an amazing beautiful look. The platina case does not bulk to device but makes it comfortable for hand held.

4. Samsung S7 Edge Transparent Case
Price: 7000 Naira
Buy From: Konga

This isa quality Samsung S7 case, an ultra thin clear transparent, dirt resistant case giving you both phone protection and the natural phone beauty because of it's transparency at the same time. It is ultra thin to make your phone as slim as it originally is, unlike many cases that make your phone big.

5. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge TPU Case

Price: 1400 Naira
Buy From: Konga

The Galaxy S7 Edge Soft TPU Case Bumper is an Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear case for your Galaxy S7 Edge phone. This Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case has a Clear back panel, TPU Bumper and a Raised lip which allows the edge and protects screen. This case is Slim and transparent to preserve original device design. It also has an embossed buttons for an easy and conspicuous press and a 4 points rear guard to provide buffer protection on flat surfaces and protects your open points from dust with its dust covers.

6. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge S-View Flip Cover Case with Sensor

Price: 10,000 Naira
Buy From: Konga

The Samsung S-View Flip Cover does not only protects your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge smartphone from dust and scratch, it also support a sensor that conveniently wakes or sleeps the display when you open or close the cover. It provides quick access to your phone and looks darned good to boot.
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