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Top 10 Best Android Smartphone in Nigeria 2016 You Can Buy

What is the best Android phone? This has been one of the most popular question asked by people who wants to but a new smartphone. The answer to this question is simply the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. But, the price may discourage people who loves the smartphone from getting it. However, we felt it would be important to list all the affordable 2016 Android device in Nigeria so you can make a better choice.

There is no doubt that Android has the largest market share in the world of smartphones, while the remain share is between Apple iPhone (where apple has the bigger share) and others. There are lots of Android device in the market to buy but you get a more difficult choice when you start considering the Manufacture, the features and specifications.

In our list, we focused mainly on Nigerian Android device, lunched in 2016, affordable price that has excellent value, features and good performance and support dual SIM Card. Also, some 2015 device with excellent performance are included in this post.

What Makes the Best Android Phone
This question comes in to your mind when you are searching for your device, at list any good 2016 smartphone would have one or more of these;
  • Android 6.0 OS (Lastest Android OS)
  • Minimum of 2GB Ram
  • Quality camera
  • Good storage space
  • Good battery capacity
  • 3G or 4G Network support
  • Good display of at least 5.0-Inch
  • MicroSD Card Expansion slot support
  • Hotspot, Wifi and Bluetooth Wireless connection
With this in mind, we can now more to listing the top 10 best Android Smartphones in Nigeria 2016 which includes;

1. Tecno Camon C9

Several upgrade has been introduced to the Camon C9 including a mega 13MP back and front centered selfie Camera with dual Flash, 4G LTE Newtork support, 3000mAh Battery Capacity, a 5.5-Inch display, a 2GB Ram size and an Internal Storage of 16GB, Android 6,0 Marshmallow OSthe device support a MicroSD Card up to 128GB. The camon C9 is a awesome device, if you can afford the price its a good one to go for.

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Price: 51,000 Naira
Buy From: Konga

2. Infinix Hot S

The latest Infinix smartphone has been the talk of the two with premium features like Fingerprint reader, 4G LTE Network, 2GB of Ram and 16GB Internal Storage, Up to 128GB MicroSD Card Expansion slot, 5.2-Inch Display size, 3000mAh Battery Capacity, Android 6,0 Marshmallow OS, 13MP Main Camera and 8MP Front Camera. This device has awesome specifications and its very affordable.

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Price: 48,000 Naira
Buy From: Konga

3. InnJoo Max 3

InJoo's latest smartphone device, this device has been rumored for long and now it just hit the market. The smartphones features premium features such as Fingerprint reader, 6.0-Inch Display (large display), 4G LTE Network, 4000mAh Battery Capacity, 13MP Back camera with 8MP Front Camera, 2GB Ram and 16GN Internal Storage. Expandable up to 128GB and running Android 5.1 Lollipop OS.

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Price: 48,000 Naira
Buy From: Konga

4. Tecno Boom J8

The Boom J8, popularly known as music lovers device because it comes with a special headset. But anybody can use the amazing Tecno device featuring Android 5.1 Lollipop OS, 4G LTE Network, a 5.5-Inch Display, 13MP Back Camera and 5MP Front Camera with dual Flash, 2GB Ram size with 16GB Internal Storage, up to128GB MicroSD Card Expansion slot with 3000mAh Battery Capacity.

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Price: 46,000 Naira
Buy From: Konga

5. Infinix Zero 3 - X552

The photographers device, this is not a 2016 device, but the device is awesome, packed with premium features like 20MP Main Camera, 5mP Front Camera, 3GB Ram, 16GB Internal Storage, up to 128GB MicroSD Expansion Slot, 3030mAh Battery Capacity, 5.5-Inch Display and running on Android 5.1 Lollipop OS. This device does not support 4G Network. However, the device may be expensive to some persons.

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Price: 58,000 Naira
Buy From: Konga

6. Tecno Camon C7

This is the latest smartphone from Tecno Mobile (as at of when writing this article), the device may be said to be the Camon C9 Jr and made for people who may be able to afford the Canon C9 but loves the 13MP Front Camera. Running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, with 2GB Ram and 16GB Internal Storage which can be expanded using MicroSD Card up to 128GB, a 5.0-Inch Display, 2500mAh Battery Capacity with 13MP both front and back Camera. This device does not also support 4G.

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Price: 40,000 Naira
Buy From: Konga

7. InnJoo Max2 Plus

Before the lunch of the Max3, there was the Max2, this device is a good one and was able to make this because it features a 4600mAh Battery Capacity, a 5.5-Inch Display, 8MP Front Camera and 13MP Back Camera, running on Android 5.1 Lollipop OS and does not support 4G. The device has a 1GB Ram size with a 16GB Internal Storage and can still be expandable using MicroSD Card up to 128GB.

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Price: 35,000 Naira
Buy From: Konga

8. Tecno L8

The battery monster device made the list, the Tecno L8 is certainly the best Android device with the longest lasting battery life featuring a 5050mAh Battery Capacity, 1GB Ram, 16GB Internal Storage. This device does not support 4G Network and runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop OS, it has an 8MP Main Camera with 2MP Front Camera.

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Price: 36,000 Naira
Buy From: Konga

9. Infinix Note 2 - X600

Infinix 2015 battery monster device, the device has cool features and that is why it was able to make this list. The features includes, a 4040mAh long lasting Battery, 4G LTE Network support, a large Display size of 6.0-Inch, running on Android 5.1 Lollipop OS with 1GB Ram and 16GB Internal Storage. The device a Back Camera Quality of 13MP and 2MP Front.

Price: 43,500 Naira
Buy From: Konga

10. Tecno W4

This device made this list because it is the first device to run on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS and it was lunch this 2016, though, it is a budget device it still has some cool features like, running on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, 16GB Internal Storage with 1GB Ram, an 8MP Back Camera with 2MP Front, 5.0-Inch Display.

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Price: 33,700 Naira
Buy From: Konga
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