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Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus - Review, Key Features, Pros, Cons and Price

There is doubt that the Xiaomi Mi 5S is an upgrade of the previous Mi 5, and it did improve in some notable pint like camera quality and its built. In the other hand, its bigger version, Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus is looking more promising with bigger features and well notable upgrades. The new Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus turned out to be a bigger upgrade with lot of surprises under its sleek metal veil.

The Xiaomi 5s and the Plus version also has a metallic body with a resistant “shell” that endures heavy usage and ensures its owner zero trouble carrying it with other objects. The device is comfortable for hand held, holds solid and comfortable owing to its elegant shape. It has a dimensions of 154.6 x 77.7 x 8 mm and weighs only 168 gram.

It also gives a choice of colors, coming with 4 color options for this model; delicate rose gold and soft moon gold, and a more versatile frosted silver version and dark gray model are aimed to reach a more classic-type of a user.

Key Features
  • Snapdragon 821 chipset
  • 4G LTE support
  • Fast charging support
  • Fingerprint scanner
The Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus has a 5.7 Full HD screen with an ability to display 16 million colors. The device screen capability allows the use of the phone in direct sunlight. Its saturate, vivid and sharp performance is perfect for viewing photos, videos and provides a great viewing experience from any angle.
The Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus left all the predecessors far behind with a powerful processor powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 with 2.35 GHz frequency that shows a great results during gaming and multitasking and the Adreno 530 Graphics processor with 653MHz makes a matter of games and graphic very clear.

The memory set for this phone comes in 2 variants, 4GB RAM with 64GB Storage and 6GB RAM with 128GB Storage. This fulfills the adequate needs if you are a fluent mobile-user, providing a decent spread for your favorite apps and personal data.

The Mi 5s Plus, as expected, lacks memory expansion as Xiaomi has decided to remove MicroSD-card slot from its newest and successive models. Xiaomi made a major upgrade in its camera quality, the Mi 5s Plus was provided with Sony IMX378 dual camera 13 MP front and 13MP main.
Most notable feature of the phone's camera is that; It is equipped with 2 sensors (standard RGB and BW) and gives a possibility to receive striking high-resolution material and avoid digital noise. Dual-LED flash allows to creates accurate light source during night photo-shoots. 4MP front camera allows grasping memorable selfies. Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus is defined with a 720p/1080p video capture format.

The Mi 5s Plus comes with a non-removable Li-on 3800mAh battery capacity and due to the Quick Charge 3.0 technology, the charging time is reduced . It lets the phone recover to its operational readiness in less than an hour. Xiaomi has mounted in it a user-friendly USB Type-C connector.

It also adopts a bunch of other notable features seen in every Xiaomi smartphones of the 5th generation such as fingerprint recognition feature, improved owing to the sapphire coating of the screen and its new several protective layers prevent the front “face” from scratching and last long without abrasions.

The Mi 5s Plus runs 4G+, 4G, 3G, 2G. A maximum download speed for 4G is 150 Mbps and maximum upload speed reaches 50 Mbps. Supported Dual SIM-Card slots are available and the built-in Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi 802.11 provide a higher speed of information transfer and can also share data by allowing them connect to your device using the built-in Hotspot.

Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus - Pros
  • Fast internet browsing
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Fast charging support
  • Good design
Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus - Cons
  • No MicroSD expansion
  • No adequate screen protection
  • Sealed battery
  • No FM radio, no stereo speakers
Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus - Price

The price range differs because the device comes in the two variants; the 4GB Ram and 64GB storage goes for $409  while the 6GB Ram and 128GB storage goes for $469, its a bit more expensive, made for people who has extra money to spend.
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