Sunday, January 22, 2017

Apple to Introduce iOS 11 with FaceTime Group Video Calling Feature

A report claimed on Friday, FaceTime might finally support group video calls with iOS 11. This is to potentially fulfill the long-standing iPhone and iPad feature request.

Following the release cycle of past iOS debuts, iOS 11 will be announced in June and make "social" elements like FaceTime and Messages a focus, The Verifier said (an Israeli site), citing sources familiar with iOS development. In particular, group video calls are supposedly set for introduction in the next-generation operating system.

FaceTime has been limited to one-to-one communication for almost five years since its debut, despite improvements in processor speeds and network bandwidth. This time, Apple has dragged its feet on multi-user video chat integration has given breathing room to third-party apps, even though FaceTime is for many the default video calling App for iOS and macOS.

According to report, in the new FaceTime, users will have to initiative a group FaceTime video call from a group chat in Messages and up to five people should be able to participate.
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