Monday, March 6, 2017

Fitbit Announces new Alta HR Fitness Tracker with a Heart-rate Sensor

Fitbit Alta HR
Fitbit is a well known Tracking Company and today, the company has introduced a new fitness tracker with heart-rate and sleep monitor sensor. Two weeks ago, at its fourth quarter earnings call, analysts questioned Fitbit about its product release cycle and wondered whether Fitbit would be putting out a new fitness tracker this spring, just like it did last year.

Now, it has turned out that Fitbit did have something up its sleeve with new product and more update to compared to the old one. Fitbit announced the Alta HR today, an update to last year’s Alta that adds heart rate sensors to the bracelet-like activity tracker.

Incase you don't remember - the Altra is one of Fitbit’s more stylish trackers, and has a tap-sensitive, OLED display and five-day battery life. It tracks steps and sleep and shows notifications from the smartphone, but Fitbit says the number one request it got from customers was an Alta with continuous heart rate tracking. And so, here it is.

The new Alta HR device tracks steps, sleep cycles and shows notifications from the smartphone if constantly connected through Bluetooth. You remember the Charge, Blaze and Surge fitness bands, they already had heart-rate monitors and now the Alta HR has joined the family.

Fitbit used to collect sleep info for a long time but now it can show light, deep and REM sleep stages in Sleep Insights. The same software will be rolled to the Charge 2 band and the Blaze watch next month when the Alta HR hits the shelves.

Incase you want to go for the new Fitbit Alta HR, it costs $150, $20 more than the original Alta that was lunched last year. The device will ship worldwide in early April.
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