Tuesday, March 21, 2017

ZTE's Quartz Android Wear Smartwatch gets Leaked again

the ZTE's first Android Wear smartwatch could be closer to its official unveiling after a series of images have surfaced that appear to give us our first look at the smartwatch. New info and pics of the watch have been released by the guys at Android Police and pretty sure the watch will be called the ZTE Quartz after the name passed through the FCC back in February.

Aside from the pics, the Quartz will be packing a metal design with tick marks on the bezel with one physical button. While, in terms of features, its likely that the heart rate sensor won't be included and NFC doesn't make the cut either so it can't be used with Android Pay to make payments from the wrist.

We do know it will use a charging cradle to power it back up, but have no idea what the battery will be able to muster in terms of stamina. And as many smartwatches do, it charges through a plastic four-pin cradle.
And in terms of its connectivity, 3G is present, but no LTE as seen in the FCC document. They spotted a device with the model name ZW10 had recently been awarded a Bluetooth SIG certificate. Under the description section it revealed that the certificate was for a smartwatch that will support 3G connectivity.

The watch is currently running on Android Wear 2.0 atop 7.1.1 Nougat. This is apparent through the settings menu, as well as the time in the boot sequence. There doesn't seem to be a rotating crown to take advantage of this - unfortunate, as I found it quite handy on the LG Watch Style. Wear 2.0 and 3G capabilities should allow the watch to function on its own, though this obviously isn't as ideal as LTE.
At the moment, we don't have any pricing or availability info, but considering how far along the watch looks to be in development, we wouldn't be surprised to hear official word soon. We would keep you updated regarding the price and availability.

Source: AndroidPolice
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