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Best PlayStation 4 (PS4) Steering Racing Wheel - 4 Steering Wheels Reviewed

It will be safe to say that if you are a BIG fan of racing games, you already own a PS4 steering wheel for your PS4 or other game platform (like xBox) of your choice. And if you are a big fan of racing game and you've not gotten your steering wheel, its either you are planning on buying one but you are confused because of the sheer saturation of the market.

Its fine to be confused with such trivial market, after all, its possible that this is the first time you are trying to buy a steering wheel. The good news is that; the market is filled with wonderful steering wheels from different manufacturers.

But, companies like Thrustmaster and Logitech and some others are the very trustworthy brands that have been making the top of the line steering wheels.

However, we are going to help you in selecting the best PS4 racing wheel today. We have listed the best racing wheels here to make selection very easy for you.

Best PlayStation 4 (PS4) Steering Racing Wheel

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best Play Station 4 (PS4) steering wheels 2017

1. Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel for PlayStation 4

We are starting our list of best PS4 steering wheel with the Thrustmaster T150, for acing fan who does not know - these racing steering wheel is specifically designed for for PS4 and PS3 (also compatible with PC).

However, if you are interested Thrustmaster released the TMX Force Feedback racing wheel specifically for Xbox One and WINDOWS. The Thrustmaster T150 is PlayStation4 certified, embedded with software and PS4/PS3 sliding switch, it is automatically recognized by the PS4 console; PS4/PS3 sliding switch for optimal compatibility on both systems

The wheel itself is quite classy, yet maintains a certain flash to itself, the buttons are perfectly placed, and one of the best thing about this is that it can easily fit in almost all places. However, players who have actual cockpits for playing this amazing racing game would be glad to know that it works rather well.

It is also compatible with other Thrustmaster accessories; Compatible with the T3PA and T3PA-PRO (Thrustmaster 3 Pedals Add-on) pedal sets; compatible with the Thrustmaster TH8A shifter but it is sold separately.

Considering how Thrustmaster has provided us with a near perfect product it still goes for an affordable price that is below $200.

2. Logitech Driving Force G29 Racing Wheel for PlayStation 4

The Logitech Driving Force G29 Racing Wheel is the next on our list, it is designed specifically for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 but it is some how expensive - $299 for the Wheel only and $359 for the Wheel and the Shifter.

Straight out of the box, the G29 gives you the top of the line impression you would ever want from a steering wheel - It is the definitive sim racing wheel for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 with realistic steering and pedal action for the latest racing games.

The Logitech G29 is built to last with durable and solid steel ball bearings, stainless steel shifter and pedals and hand-stitched leather wheel grip. It realistically simulates the racing experience with smooth, quiet helical gearing with easy-access game controls like On-wheel D-pad, console buttons, paddle shifters and LED indicator lights.

We have no doubts about the build quality and believe it or not, the steering wheel surpassed all the expectations we had, it offers a solid construction and works in every racing game or games that contain driving. The only issue with the G29 is that it is expensive.

The Thrustmaster VG T300 Ferrari is the next on our review, it is a premium PS4 racing steering wheel, if you are willing to go for something that is more premium in looks and equally amazing in performance, then the Thrustmaster VG T300 is something that you should get.

Basically, these steering wheel comes in three different variants, the Alcantara Edition, the Servo Base and the T300RS steering wheel.

The steering wheel is the next-gen force feedback racing simulator for PlayStation4 and PlayStation3 and PC with complete collection pack that oncludes Ferrari 599XX EVO detachable wheel (11.8 inches and Alcantara), T300 Servo Base and T3PA 3-Pedal Pedal Set. The wheel is structure is identical to automotive standards, brushed metal central steering plate, weighs less than 2.6 lbs. for super-responsive force feedback.

Straight out of the box, you will be welcomed with premium quality leather that graces the wheel, and considering how the leather is one of the finest, the price gets justified. The steering wheel itself has all the necessary functions you need in order to play a racing game without any issues. One thing a lot of people complain about in a steering wheel is the lack in the amount of force feedback it offers, lucky for you, you will be welcomed by a force feedback that is strong and responsive as hell.

For the common user, there is nothing lacking in the Thrustmaster VG T300, however, if you are a hardcore racing game enthusiast that pays attention to every single thing, you may need to know that the pack includes the T3PA pedal set, featuring three pedals and a 100% metal internal structure. The pedal set is fully adjustable and the brake pedal comes with a Conical Rubber Brake Mod, ensuring progressive resistance.

No doubt, the Thrustmaster VG T300 is perhaps one of the best steering wheels you can buy for your Play Station 4 (ps4), it also has full support for PC and works well on all the racing games and even games that incorporate driving into them somehow. With that out of the way, the steering wheel offers solid construction and has more than enough to offer for a peripheral that comes at an expensive price.

The HORI Racing Wheel Apex for PlayStation 4 and 3 is the next on our list, perhaps this is the best steering wheel for budget oriented people and you know what else is amazing about this one? It is actually officially licensed by Sony and it is compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.It is actually worth the somewhat budget oriented $99 price tag? Let’s go ahead and find out.

HORI brings the best in build-quality, customization options, and authentic racing simulation with the Racing Wheel APEX. HORI's Tokyo design team has brought all the features and quality of a full-size racing wheel at an aggressively low price. A massive 270 degree turn-ratio, its completely programmable & adjustable and has a vibration feedback.

The Racing Wheel APEX clamps securely to your table or racing wheel stand with sturdy clamps and steel parts. The full size pedals are built to last. Change from 270 degree to 180 degree turn ratio on the fly and fine tune other settings such as dead zone, pedal sensitivity and more. Get in the race with the all new RWA: Racing Wheel APEX for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC. Officially licensed by Sony.

The HORI Racing Wheel Apex comes with an all plastic construction, something that might be a letdown to some of the buyers, however, considering how it costs less than half of the likes of Thrustmaster VG T300 and Logitech G29, it’s fairly justified. Considering the fact that the manufacturers wanted no bling in the HORI Racing Wheel, they ended up cutting down some of the features that make racing wheels so popular among the fans of racing games.

Despite the cut down, you would be pleased to know that HORI Racing Wheel Apex is a great budget oriented steering wheel for PlayStation 4.

Conclusion - Wrapping everything up

These days 3rd party manufacturers has saturated the peripheral market as compared to the early days. Those days are gone where you would get peripherals only from OEMs like Microsoft and Sony. These days, more and more 3rd party manufacturers are stepping in and bringing some really amazing stuff on the table. For instance, Logitech and Thrustmaster have been bringing some really amazing stuff on the table.

If you are looking for PlayStation Steering wheel in the market for a new steering wheel to quench your professional thirst for racing games, you will be welcomed with hundreds of choices, and in all honesty, it is very easy to get lost amongst the choices you have.

That is why lists like this one exist, the reason is simple, these kind of lists we make are there in order to help people make the most of the money they are about to spend, and contrary to popular belief, steering wheels for PS4 consoles are living on because of more and more amazing games that are coming out every year.

We hope that the list was good enough for you to make a better decision.

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