Monday, April 3, 2017

Blackberry Could Lunch its own Wearable Soon

The Canadian company has just announced that the number of Blackberry-branded gadgets may increase soon - and these means that Blackberry could soon enter the smartwatch or fitness tracking industry and potentially lead to the release of wearables, tablets and smart home appliances.

Currently, the Blackberry logo is largely reserved for devices with a hint of the company's tech behind it, with it all but backing out of hardware production. The same licensing is now set apply to future products, with a spokesperson confirming that every new device will feature tech or code from the company. But just how involved would Blackberry be in a potential wearable? Well, it currently provides end-to-end security and software for smartphones built by its partners, with the next stage of this strategy seeing this applied to its "Enterprise of Things" devices. "We have taken a long-term and thoughtful approach to our licensing strategy, which includes an expansive view of the entire Enterprise of Things ecosystem," BlackBerry CEO John Chen said Friday. "As part of this strategy, we will work with a wide range of manufacturers to integrate BlackBerry Secure software into both BlackBerry-branded and co-branded devices." With things improving for the company since it began the licensing agreement with TCL back in September 2016, the natural next step would seem to involve branching out into other areas of tech. Just when, or in what capacity, though, remains to be seen — BlackBerry hasn't yet provided any information on specific devices that are in development. The expected May release of its next smartphone, the Blackberry KeyOne, could prove too soon, but it does appear as though we're almost ready to welcome the company to the wearable fold.
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