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Top 11 Skills to Learn in Nigeria that will Make You, Your Own Boss within One Year

Its very important to grow/improve in Nigeria if you really want to keep up to the trend. In a country like Nigeria where education and talent is not enough, its important to learn news skills if you really want become your own boss.

In the past decades, professions like law, medicine and engineering were the big deals. Every parent wanted their sons/daughters to become one of them. But today, things has drastically changed. The way things has goon, not that those professions are no longer important. But, there are now a new trend where others skills have become more important and very urgent.

In these busy period where people with cool skills are been hunted for, most persons still don't know what to do to be self dependent and become boss. I have crafted the list of Top 11 Skills that You can in Nigeria - if you want to become your own boss.
These  skills are not thought in schools and you have to bear in mind that you must be willing to learn if you want to grow and become your own boss and the earlier you start, the better.
We've talked alot, here are the skills you need;

1. Programming / Web Development

Programming has really changed everything, the way we communicate, the way we relate and even the way we do things and Web development makes up more than 60% of the programming. With the rise of every business trying to gain an online presence this skill will for every be relevant even in the nest 10 years.

The good news is that, these skills is less competitive and its not expensive to learn, with 30,000 to 50,000 you can get a mentor or You can even learn the skill for free online via w3schools (that is where I started from) and other online resource. If you can invest 1 hour each day, in the next 6 months you will be ready to start taking pad jobs.

2. Event Planing

If you are well observant, before I continue I would like ask a simple question

Have there been any single weekend within your area that there was no event like wedding, burial, birthday party?

For me the answer is NO.

Every weekend, even today as I was going out I saw Just Wedded, the business of event planning has risen so bad that event planners have to always get assistance every time to get the jobs done, Nigerians technically love events, that’s the best place to show off new looks while everyone else is watching.

So learning this skill is a huge plus for a secured future because events will never seize to happen. The only issue is that there is alot of competition if your targeting a big project, but before then you can start with organizing birthday parties and maybe a friends wedding until you gain lots of experience that can prepare you to organize a bigger event.

3. Graphics Design

Photo editing or graphics design is really a hot and in demand skill currently and you what? This skill will still be reliant and its not on;y limited to creating or editing photos alone. If you learn graphics design, you can bring imaginations to live, create amazing banners. magazines and even book covers pages and posters (posters is not only burial - please get the idea).

This skill can earn you lots of money even as a beginner or as a learner you can start taking soe photo editing work and charge small amount of money, with lots of practices, after like 8 months you must have been comfortable with design, then you can start taking professional jobs like handbills, banner wedding photos and even magazine design (but you may lots of experience).

 4. Cooking or Catering

People are looking for cooks every single day, do you have the vision of working in a restaurant? you need cooking skill to achieve that. Cooking is very important that you can even get an offshore work as a chief and earn high salary. You no the fun thing - it does not matter whether you're a guy or a girl, just anyone learn this skill.

In addition to work, for those that would not like to work for companies, you can start taking cooking contracts for wedding and other occasion and you get paid. These may be very easy to learn, but I recommend going to a catering school to meet the ethics and professional standard.

5. Videography or Cinematography

I don't if you taking a look at the Nigerian music videos, you pay close attention, you will notice something like "Clearance shoot it" after or toward the end of the music, that is a videographers skill or cinematography.

If you have the passion for entertainment, but you can't sing or act, you can learn this skill and start editing videos and even movies. However, before you can start editing these professional videos you will need some level of experience, so you can start creating some doming videos and upload to youtube, from there people may begin to connect with you for more high pay works.

6. Fashion Design

I am a big fan of fashion and there is lots of money to be made in this industry because people loves uniqueness, they want to design cloths to their taste - if you learn fashion design you will help bring that appealing designs that will end up pouring money into your pocket. Though, It works a lot better when you love fashion but some can actually start and then find love and grow.

Fashion has been around for the longest time and it’s amazing how It keeps evolving with different people adding their own unique twists to the trade. Fashion happens to be very wide with diverse types to dive into, some people make over six figures monthly designing cloths for people.

7. Hair Stylist

Be sincere, how many times do you make or cut your hair in a year?

Some guys cut hair every single week and some two weeks. Same goes to the women, the need for hair stylist will never end, this is a life time skill to have. If you ask a stylist how much they make in a month, you will be surprise at the answer - especially during Christmas period.

This is skill is a skill to learn if you want to start earning money fast in Nigeria. Although, the industry is crowded and there is lots of competition, but there are skill lots of room for new stylist coming in. So there is alot of possibility that you can succeed in this feed because the demand is high.

8. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. For example, advertising mediums that might be used as a part of the digital marketing strategy of a business could include promotional efforts made via the internet, social media, mobile phones and electronic billboard.

So, if you’re good at digital marketing in today’s online world so that you can get more eyes on your product or a brand then you could be a hot cake for brands and companies.

You like the internet, you chat 24 hours on Facebook and whatsapp and get nothing in return, what are you waiting for? go learn this in demand skills and start promoting products to those your friends on social network and get something from them in return.

9. Learn a New Instruments

These is another ignored skill because most people thinks that this skill is limited to churches alone. They forget that you can make alot of money teaching people how to play instruments. Again, even if you would not like to play for churches you take people on training and earn money from teaching them what you've learned.

10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

Website owners, companies and individual wants there website or product to rank on search engine front page. So your job is to learn this new internet in demand skill and make website rank high on search engines. If you can do this, then you’ll never run out of business as long as internet and search engine exist.

11. MakeUp Artist

The truth is, Make Up industry is on the rise and there are still a wide space for new comers. Professional makeup is not something that is regular with the normal person, it takes learning and “professionalism” to get people to do business with you but this definitely is a very profitable skill to learn and make money in Nigeria.

This skill is very important within women - take a look, in every 5 women you see, 4 has make up on their face. MakeUp is something that even the guys are doing to earn a living. These skill will remain relevant as long as cosmetics are still been produced.

I guarantee you that if you choose any skill from these 11 skills with a period of 1 year you are on your way to become financially free (become your own boss).  
Note: One common thing among these skills or handwork is that, all the outlined skills here or handworks are evergreen (they do no have time or seasons where they are more relevant).
Before you choose any of the Skills or Handwork that I have listed here, I want to say that, if you really want to be successful with them that you should Please Choose Base on YOUR PASSION

The reason is because only passion can drive you, you need passion to pursue through the hard times when you are learning the skills you've, everything is not going to be rosy (there must be challenge in one way or the other) so if you do not love the one you've chosen when that dark moment comes you will diffidently quite or lose faith.

So, please choose based on what you like most so you can see faster result and grow faster as you are learning.


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