Tuesday, May 16, 2017

iOS 11 Tipped Again to Kill 32-Bit App Support

With slow yet, steady steps Apple cracked down the 32 bit iOS application. However, now it has been said that the company would make some significant changes in the app. If the developers of the company are to be believed Apple is planning to withdraw support for 32 bit. This would mean that a lot of functional apps will not work at all. From September 2017, you would get applications with modern features.

It is not clear where the information is coming from. However, the developers say that they have very strong information that the company will make a quick move regarding the application. Though the move is already decided, Apple does not want it to be a great surprise for the users.

With the inception of Apple iOS 10.3, the company is sending out alerts to the users as they open the 32 bit on their phones. The notification sent by the company clearly states that the app would require quick updating or else it would no longer be functional.

In September 2013, Apple launched their iPhone 5. Since the time the company has decided to support 64 bit app. The company has decided that all applications would be made on 64 bit. However, the company has not decided to withdraw the support immediately. They still continue to keep supporting the 32 bit app. With the release of iOS 9 the application started giving out signs that the 32 bit would slow down the iPhone or the iPad.

iOS 10.3 beta then got released and with the release of it a dialogue box warning that the application will cease to work in the future without updating. If you want it to work properly, you would have to update the software and make it work. If you open the dialogue box, you would see that the application says to update it for better compatibility.

The end of 32 bit had been inevitable. Everyone was waiting for the demise for a long time. It has not been a new reminder that Apple would withdraw the support from the app. For this reason, the announcement should not hole the users by surprise.

However, the withdrawal would not likely to affect most of the Apple users. Yet, the sudden withdrawal might cause frustration in some users who are too adept to the use of 32 bits. The users who had been too used to the old way of app using and those who are not in the habit of updating their apps would be in trouble as from now on they might have keep updating their applications.

There are millions of 32 bit users right now. However, in September 2017, they all are likely to change their app using and turn to the new version. The updated application is likely to come up with many new features. These would either make your like easy or make it complicated. Either way, you need to learn the use of technology, if you want to keep using your iPhone and enjoy the features too. 
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