5 Things to Know Before Buying the Wiko Slide 2 Android Phone

An awesome Android phone with cool specs at a very affordable price, there are somethings I would like to show to you before you finally decide to get this hot android phone. The wiko Slide is a very nice phone. Infact, this phone has more than 4,000 already sold on konga and people how bought this phone has been praising this amazing technology from wiko.

But, how ever no phone can meet every bodies choice(these means that there are somethings you may not not like about a particular phone). So, before considering to buy this phone lets explore and see what makes it a must own gadget.

There are several cool features of this phone. Seriously, the one blowing my mind is that:


Do you like taking photos(I no every girls love it)? are you a photo frick ? If you answer to any of the above question is Yes then, this is the right phone for you. You know why?

Here is why!!!

This Wiko Slide 2 has a back camera capacity of 13MB and a front camera of 5MB. This camera quality gives the phone the ability to take a very clear and better camera even at night. This camera is bright at any moment. And the front camera of 5MB gives you a nice selfie experience .


The phone storage capacity is really a nice one. If you like storing multimedia files(videos, musics, photos and more) then, a phone with a large storage space is what you need to solve this problem,

The storage capacity of this phone is 16GB and can still be expanded to 32GB MicroSD Card and has a RAM of 2GB which gives the phone a nice user experience. The processor of this phone is 1.4GHz Octa Core.

If you hate phone that is very slower and takes time to perform a particular task then you need a phone with a higher RAM and Processor and this phones is a nice one.


I no how power supply is around this part of the world and a phone with a long lasting battery capacity would be a solution to this. If you care very much about phones with good battery capacity then this may not be the right phone for you. Are you wondering why I said so?

Here is why!!

The phone has a battery capacity of 2820mAh, something I would like you to remember is that: "The higher the mAh to more the battery would last".


Another very important thing to look out for not only on this Wiko Slide but to any other phone you may want to buy. A phone that support 3G, Wifi and Hotspot, Bluetooth and maybe any other thing you may personally like is a good phone to buy.

The wifi enables you to connect your phone to an available wireless network to stuff the internet, the Hotspot enables you to create and share your data with others to stuff the internet.

This wiko phone has the features and that is part of what makes it awesome.


Virtually, the most important thing to look out for when considering a phone not only this wiko slide. The reason is because a phone whose part is not in the market, when damaged or developed and issue may be difficult to repair expect you will take it back to the company.

And probably you are not staying close to the company, then the phone is goon. I advice to clearfully check this out. Its important.

Now, that we have seen these things would you still like the phone?

Probably you answer is yes. Here are what people who bought this phone has been say.

And also this phone has received more than 40 5star rating

The Price is #29,190
Buy from Konga
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