HP Laptop: The HP Spectre 13 Review, Pros and Cons

Finally, it seems like HP has nailed it with a new release of its spectre 13 that catches every bodies eye. This is HP's newest laptop and its 10.4mm thick and it is regarded as the thinnest laptop ever.

It may look like Apple has lost its battle as the world's thinnest laptop to this HP Spectre 13. The Laptop has 8GB ram, 256GB Hard Disk, 1080p Display, 2,560 x 1440 screen and a faster 801.11 wireless radio. The laptop includes Core i7 which is very similar to the MacBook.


Attractive Design
Fast Performance
Bright Display
Good Specs for the money
Generous warranty.


Heavy for a 13-inch Ultrabook
Middle battery life(lasts for 8hours 30mins)
Trackpad needs a drivers update
No touchscreen

The Laptop supports USB 3.0 which is faster and better than the USB 2.0 and has 3 USB ports with windows 10 and is valued at $1,400. HP has fulfilled there vision to make the Spectre a premium laptop cause the laptop feels and look like one.

However, this laptop is not currently on sale, HP will begin to take preorders for the Spectre 13 starting from the 25th of April and the price will be from $1,169.99 and will begin shopping by later in May.
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