Laptop: The Best Cheap Laptops 2016

Laptop has really been on the rise and the demand is increasing regularly. Currently, almost every business now needs laptop even students needs laptop. However, selecting a good laptop is sometimes the issue.

Here, I have put in several hours exploring a good and affordable laptops below #100,000 which can be generally affordable even for students and for those who needs it for business that the price may be a challenge.

It is a lot more better to buy a brand new laptop than to buy a fairly used laptop, the reason is because you will certainly no enjoy the laptop the way you would if you buy a brand new one.

There are lots of cool cheap laptop of even below #70,000. In fact this:


Is a very nice laptop, currently, the laptop has been sold more than 700 in Konga and people who has bought the laptop has praising it( You can read the reviews).

The Lenovo Yoga runs on Windows 8.1 with 2GB of RAM and 500GB of Hard Disk(HDD). The yoga can be used as a laptop when you want it and can also acts as a tablets(it turns 360), supports touchscreen. the laptop does not support Optical Drive (You will need to buy one).

The price is #60,000
You can buy it from Konga


Another very nice and affordable from same Lenovo, the Lonovo Idealpad 100-15iby is a very cool laptop with more than 100 already sold on konga. This laptop is a cool laptop with high configuration and its better suitable for students(since its cheap for then), people believe that students are broke(but I disagree) However this is still a cool laptop for them.

The Lenovo Ideapad runs on Windows 8, has a 2GB Ram and 500GB Hard Disk, the price is #79,999.  You can buy from Konga or read a review from people who has it already.

HP 255 G4

A nice product from HP, this 255 G4 does not come with an Operating System(OS), does it mean its a bad one?

No! its not. in fact, it is even better because it allows you to install the OS of your choice. Many people prefer Windows 7 to 8 and so on, so the 255 G4 give you a choice to install the one you like without facing a missing driver challenge.

Even without OS, this laptop on Konga has sold more than 120, the Laptop has a RAM of 4GB and 500GB HDD.

The price is #73,200
Buy from Konga


If you need a Laptop or you want to replace the one you already, this may be you new one. The reason is because this Laptop's Configuration is awesome and not only that, if you buy this laptop from Konga you get a free gift.

This laptop has been sold more than 240 only om Konga and more 20 persons has been reviewing the product(read the review and what people who owns this laptop has been saying). The Laptop has a 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD and runs on Windows 8.1.

The price is #83,400
If you buy it from konga you get a free 8GB Flash drive, Bag and a Free Phone.
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