Official - Xiaomi Redmi Pro with 4050mAh snd Dual Camera Announced

In an event in Beijing, just as promised, Xiaomi took to the airwaves to announce its next level of ots smartphone dubbed simply the Redmi Pro. According to Xiaomi, the Redmi Pro comes in 3 variants namely the standard edition, the high edition and the exclusive edition, All the versions of the smartphone has dual camera and 4050mAh battery (as key features). The phone is valued at $225 starting price in China.

Also, the device carries a 5.5-Inch 1080p AMOLED display, a 2.3 GHz decacore Helio X20/X25 chipset, 3GB Ramand 32GB Internal Memory for the Standard Edition, 3GB Ram and 64GB Internal Memory for the High Edition and 4GB Ram and 128GB Internal Memory for the Exclusive Edition with all of the editions wrapped in a svelte brushed aluminum chassis that is available in several colors, and comes with a finger scanner embedded in the home key.
Also, the device support the modem USB-C port, and an infrared sensor at the top and at the back is the dual camera and LED flash. If all these are mot able to get you excited or can not convince you yet, we'll just mention that the Redmi Pro also comes with a giant 4050 mAh battery in a relatively slim 8.15mm body, so two-day battery life should be standard, as usual with the latest Xiaomi handsets.

The Redmi Pro will start shipping from next week, August 6th, and in China the device will carry a price tag equivalent to $225 for the Standard Edition with Helio X20, $255 for the High Edition, and $299 for the Exclusive Edition, with all the version having Mali T880 graphics are pumped to 850 MHz for a good measure. Expect these prices to rise 20-30% when the Redmi Pro gets abroad, what do yo think about the phone?
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