Samsung Tops Global Smartphone Market while Huawei Leads China Market

A recent research carried out by a market firm TrendForce, from the report gotten, it shows clearly that Global Smartphone Production Volume Rose 8.9% Between First and Second Quarter to Reach 315 Million Units. As per the report Samsung Mobile emerged as the leading company in Global Smartphone Market while Huawei Mobiles tops the chart in China market with very close to 21% share.

The report shows that Huawei’s smartphone production volume in the second quarter increased by 7.4% over the previous quarter, arriving at 29 million units. Huawei is very secured it its position as the third-largest brand in the global smartphone market, but its domestic rivals are becoming more aggressive. The sales of Huawei’s flagship P9, which features a dual camera, may fall short of expectations as other Chinese brands release competitive products.
From the table, OPPO came second , Vivo came third, Lenovo came 4 and Xiaomi at the fifth position. The production volumes of OPPO’s and Vivo’s smartphone in the first quarter were exceptionally high in the first quarter and continued to increase in the second quarter, having a growth rates of 15% and 8% respectively.

Globally, Samsung topping the chat with 24.5% shares leaving Apple second with 15.1% share and the Chinese home based smartphone production company came third.
Source: TrendForce
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