Infinix NOTE 3 X601 Fingerprint, Fast Charging - Review, Pros and Cons

After the lunch of the record breaking Infinix Hot S, Infinix has lunch an upgraded 2016 version of the Note Flagship. The Infinix Note 3 coming with cooler and upgraded feature than its predecessor, and according to Infinix, the Note 3 offers upto 200 min talk time in just 5 min charge which was realized by the inclusion of duo 4.5A charging engines with PE+2.0 technology promoting a fast and safe charging process. This is an awesome improvement.

Starting from the impressive look of the Note 3 and its power saving advantages, to the premium design. The NOTE3 includes a terrific textured back cover built from high-end aviation-quality aluminum with the most pure materials to create a high-quality handling experience. A huge design innovation compared with previous generations in the NOTE series.  

The packing of the device includes one of each Infinix Note 3, Power Adapter, Earphone, USB Cable, SIM Card Inject and Film
In other to prevent the Infinix NOTE3 from overheating, the device uses Aerospace Cooling Technology originally developed for cooling satellites with the inclusion of copper pipes built into the NOTE3 that carry fluid through the device as a method of preventing overheating. The NOTE 3 provides a more faster boot and efficient fast charging.

The Note 3 comes with a large 6.0-Inch 1080p  (so if you are a big fan of large screen devices, this is a better option) suitable for games and streaming online videos comfortably. Aside from the large display the screen provides a high resolution of 367ppi viewing experience, compared to 245ppi used in NOTE2. This offers a more detailed viewing experience from any angle.

The device is fully secured, offering a Fingerprint key provides a secured identification. You can unlock the device as fast as 0.25 seconds with a simple finger soft touch. The fingerprint key also gives you the also the ability to capture every wonderful moments with the main camera and when taking a selfies.

The combination of the front soft LED and back high-brightness duo LED lights, both the main camera and front-facing cameras include built-in blue glass to avoid flare and to capture the perfect crystal-clear moments even in harsh or low lighting conditions. The NOTE3 has a 13MP main camera, which also provides auto-focus and LED flash and a 5MP front camera with flash.

In other to prolong the longevity of use, the device features an innovative XOS power saving features, with a 4500mAh battery capacity, and XCharge 3.0 (for fast charging). you can now experience the amazing longevity of NOTE3 with more than 22 hours of battery life. The Note 3 provides 3 card slots, 2 slot for SIM card and one for external memory card with support for a 128GB.
Running on the latest ANdroid 6,0 Operating system and powered with an Octa-core 1.3GHz, 64bit processor and 2GB Ram size, the device has a 16GB Internal storage capacity. Though lacking 4G LTE Network can still offer fast internet browsing with 3G service.

Pros of Infinix NOTE 3 X601
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Dual SIM card
  • Fast charging technology
  • Long lasting battery
  • Fast performance
  • Unlimited free Apps for download
  • Good design
Cons of Infinix NOTE 3 X601
  • No 4G Network
  • Expensive
  • Not scratch resistant
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