Tecno C9 vs InnJoo Max 3 vs Infinix Hot S - the Difference and Similarities

If you've been following the trend in the smartphone, you will notice that the Tecno C9, InnJoo Max3 and the Infinix Hot S are all 2016 flagship smartphones. They features some cool premium features like, the Tecno C9 has 13MP front facing selfie camera as its major feature.

The InnJoo Max3, been the first InnJoo device to feature fingerprint reader security. While the Infinix Hot S is Infinix first Hots S flagship device with fingerprint reader. If you want to buy a smartphone it may be a difficult choice at first to consider which you can buy. So, in this post, we will compare the three 2016 device at the same range.

The aim is to see the difference and similarities between these three device so that it would be easy to make a choice and if you like the three devices you can also buy three. Actually, I won't tell you that one is better or best, but depending on what you are looking for in a device you can choose after reading this.

First, lets consider the similarities between the three middle range device, because something must be similar about them before we see the difference, also because there must be a difference between them.

Tecno C9 vs InnJoo Max 3 vs Infinix Hot S - Smiliarities

Lets see what the three of them have in common. They have;
  • Android OS
  • 2GB Ram
  • 16GB Internal Storage
  • Support up to128GB MicroSD expansion
  • FM Radio support
  • HTML5 Browser support
  • LED Flash light
  • 13MP  back camera
  • 3G Network
  • Blutooth, Wifi, Hotspot connections
  • Removable battery
  • Comes in different colors
Tecno C9 vs InnJoo Max 3 vs Infinix Hot S - Difference

In terms of the deference, there is a hug difference between the such as;

The Tecno C9 features a 13MP front selfie camera, 4G LTE Network support, a 5.5-Inch FHD IPS Display, Octa-core Processor, 3000mAh Battery Capacity.
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The InnJoo Max3 features a Display of 6.0-Inch, 8MP front facing selfie camera, a mega 4000mAh battery capacity, Fingerprint reader security. But does not feature 4G LTE Network.
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While, the Infinix Hot S features a 5.2-Inch IPS Display, 8MP front facing camera, 3000mAh battery capacity, 4G LTE Network support, Fingerprint reader, Front flash.
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Taking a clear look at the difference, you will notice two of the devices is having similar features. This is a the complete major features that they have, from this you can make choice of your next device. But, bear in mind that to Enjoy 4G LTE broadband service you need a 4G enabled device, that where the InnJoo Max3 has an issue.
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