Best Wireless Earbud under 50 2017 (Updated)

Wired headphone could be very discouraging and boring sometimes, especially during exercises. For this reason and to get rid off wired disturbance its important to own a wireless headphone.

You can now upgrade to new pair of earbuds/in ear headphone without having to break the bank, Plus, the earbuds has a long lasting battery life and can pair with smartphones at a faster speed, they can be used for exercise or causal, noise cancellation and even sweatprof.

The truth is, you here because you need a convenience headphone at a cheap or budgeted price but you don't really know the one to get. In ear headphone or earbuds are convent compared to overhead headphones because the earbuds stays in the ear and great for lots of activities that can't be done the overhead headphone like running.

Also, Earbuds are very convenient because they light weight, easy to travel with, and are ultimately generally less hassle free. Another awesome thing about in-ear headphone is that they are alot more cheaper than most of the overhead headphones.

But, while choosing a perfect in-ear or earbud headphone there some features you should look at for before taking a final decision and they includes;
  • Desired Aesthetics - There are some that come in simple black or white, while others in numerous colors and style choices. Look is very import and to some it may make or break a purchase and to others it really isn’t a big deal. So its up to you.
  • Intended Usage -  Would you like to use the earbuds for exercise? heavy cardio or merely weightlifting? for leisure lifting? or for travel? These are some questions you need to answer. Although, there are some specific models that go general while some pertain to an exact use.
  • Additional features – Waterproof, sweat proof, some fins to help keep the buds to your ears (great for exercise), longer time without needing to charge, special codecs for audio quality boost, and even more advanced technology in our noise cancelling.
Some one might ask

why did you not add the budget to the things to look out for?

Its because this is a post that covers Best Wireless in-Ear/Earbud Headphone under $50, so I believe that your budget is 50 dollars. So, with this in mind.

Best Wireless in-Ear/Earbud Headphone under $50

Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Earbuds Headset is the editors choice of the best in-ear headset/earbud.

Here is why!

The BHS-730 is more than just a Bluetooth Earbud, it provides an all day wearing comfort that lets you listen to your favorite tunes in premium stereo quality, keeping you connected to the world at all times. Thanks to connecting to your smartphone or tablet by Bluetooth instead of cables.

Its lightweight around-the-neck and keeps perfect balance even while working out. Made with a magnetic earphone design that enables you to easily stow the earphones in a secure slot while not in use and the operable buttons offer functions for answering phone calls and controlling audio playback.

Let's relate it to the things we talked earlier that you should look out for before you order, first

Desired Aesthetics

We said the looks matters for some persons, right?

Now, if you are the kind that is interested in the color of your earbud, this BHS-730 comes in different colors. This means that you have a color option, you can choose from the colors available if the red does not please you.

Again, it is made with a magnetic feature that enables you to easily stow the earphones in a secure slot while not in use with and easy of use operable buttons for answering calls and controlling the audio.
Intended Usage 

This is actually the most important aspect to consider, but with the BH-730. It has got you covered in every aspect you can think of using the earbud on. Do you want to use the earbud for running, gyming or for convenient?

What every you can think of doing, the lightweight BH-750 Earbud can handle it without adding any bulk, it has a patented wings that holds your buds during rigorous workout.

Additional features

What else are you expecting when the earbud comes with a life time warranty against sweat (meaning that the earbud is sweatprof certified). So, a goodbye to water-damage, protected by Liquipel Nano Coating that enables the Buds withstand sweaty workouts and will survive accidental dropping into water.

Offers HD Sound quality with an 8mm Speakers that is combined with Bluetooth 4.1to create super accurate HD sound with powerful bass. The bullet-shaped Comply T-400 M memory foam tips to provide complete isolation from external noise - Noise Cancellation certified.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphone

With the TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphone, you can continue enjoying your favorite music while you are working out or exercising. It is cool cheap headset that is designed for sport and has a in bult Mic.

It is a good workout headphones that are snug and secure so the headphones stay put while running, biking or at the gym. It also has a built-in magnets that lets you attach the two headphones together when not using, or like a necklace around your neck which is a convenient way to carry around when you don't need them.

Equipped with CVC Noise Cancellation v6.0 technology to reduces outside noises and enable clearer sound from the microphone, you get high quality, hands-free phone conversation even on the street or inside shopping mall. Another cheap headset that is also great is;

This Wireless Sports Earbud has a built-in Mic and equipped with IPX7 (making it waterproof) HD Stereo Sweatproof Earbuds for general and for sport pupose like gym, running with noise cancelling technology.

It feature an ergonomically designed flexible ear hooks with gel flex silicone earbuds to ensure your headphones stay comfortably firm in place to guarantee fatigue free ears and tangle free comfort. The latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology states the art acoustic components that produce incredible sound quality with deep bass and crystal clear treble.

Coming with a new and improved lithium polymer battery that allows seamless enjoyment of music for up to 8 hours of heavy usage and 240 hours on stand-by with a quick charge of only 1.5 hours to fully charge. Connect seamlessly with all Bluetooth enabled devices up to 30 feet away. With Noise Suppression technology that enables you to focus on your favorite music and answer calls without noise.

Out from the box, it comes with:

  • Bluetooth Headphone
  • Carrying Case
  • Short Charging Cable
  • 3 Sets of Ear Tips - Small, Medium, Large
  • Cable Management Clip
  • User Manual
  • Bonus Items: • Dual Port USB Car Charger • 3ft. Charging Cable for Apple (Lightening connector) and Android (Mini USB connector) Devices
Even verified users who bought this SENSO Bluetooth Headphones recommended it on there review.

The TaoTronics Wireless 4.1 Magnetic Earbuds aptX Stereo Earphones is the earbud you need for rigorous sport activities, the earbud does not only offer great sounds alone, but does an extra work by blocking outside and enabling you to concentrate without any distractions. It is also magnetic and hook together to form a necklace when not in use.

Also, the earbud come with three different sizes of rubber earbud and hook attachments so you're bound to find one that fits your ears. There is also a little carry pouch which comes with it and a micro-USB charging cable.

Users has testified that the earbud is cheap, offers quality sounds, has mic + controls, blocks outside noise and its sweat proof (not totally waterproof) in there review. Also, no matter if you use an iPhone, Android, or a PC, or choose to wear an Apple Watch, the headphones give full wireless music playback across multiple devices.

It's a perfect workout headphones that are snug and secure so the headphones stay put while running, biking or at the gym. Built-in magnets let you attach the two headphones together when not use, and wear like a necklace around your neck, a convenient way to carry around when you don't need them. It has a rechargable long battery life of upto 5 hours of continuous music, or can relax with 175 hours of standby time when powered with a 5V external charger. CVC noise Isolation technology reduces outside noises, enable clearer microphone sound.

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