Best Wireless Long Range Router 2016

Getting a supper fast internet browsing either at home or office, you need a Router.

But, its not always that you would want to connect the router to your PC or Game using cable, sometimes you may want to relax a bit far and browser.

To get these pleasure of relaxation and still get a faster internet browsing you will need a Wireless Long Rang Router to deliver these service. But, there could be a problem on choose the Best and that why I have decided to put of this post.

Basically, there are lots of long range routers, but to get the best for you, some people (including me) look at for;
  • Price range
  • Speed
  • Distance range
  • And other cool things
So, after hours of research and reviews looking out for the best budget wireless long distance router that can certify fast and distance wifi connection with a considerable price. The Top-Link AC1900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router is the best.

Wait, don't panic. Here is why

The Top-link Archer C9 comes with the next generation 11ac Wi-Fi standard, that offers a high speed data transfer of up to 1.9Gbps. With 1.3Gbps over the clearer 5GHz frequency, and 600Mbps using two wireless chips to maximize performance over the 2.4GHz frequency to give the whole home/office an excellent wireless coverage.

The high outstanding Gigabit Wi-Fi and Gigabit connections are very ideal for high sensitive bandwidth applications like streaming in HD and seamless online gaming. With Archer C9 you get a super-fast, high performance connected home/office with any interruption.

Enjoy reliable Wi-Fi across your home/office with the Archer C9 and thanks to the three detachable dual band high-performing antennas. Also sharing files across your the network becomes ore easier with the dual USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports.

Top-Link AC1900 - Features
  • A supports 802.11ac standard for the next generation of Wi-Fi
  • Simultaneous 2.4GHz 600Mbps and 5GHz 1300Mbps connections for 1.9Gbps of total available bandwidth
  • 3 dual band detachable antennas that provides maximum omni-directional wireless coverage and reliability
  • Use beamforming technology to delivers highly efficient wireless connection
  • 1GHz dual-core processor to ensure that no interruption when simultaneously processing multiple wireless or wired tasks
  • Has USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 Ports to easily share a printer locally and files & media with networked devices or remotely via the FTP server
  • Supports LED light indicators at the front

Top-Link AC1900 - Pros
  • Setup can be via wireless or Ethernet cable
  • Fast and improved network range for the whole house or office
  • Easy and quick setup and free installation via the web configuration utility from any laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Supports parental control that allows parents or administrators to deploy restricted access for children or staff.
  • Supports URL blocking to easily setup black and white list to limit the level of web access to children.
  • Supports IPv6, the next generation of Internet protocol, future-proofing the network you are setting up today.
  • Can connect to wireless printers
Top-Link AC1900 - Cons
  • No VPN sever
  • Firmware needs to be regularly updated for better performance
  • Short life span(covered by a 2 years warranty)
In all, the Router is a good router for homes and small offices. For people that needs a budget router with super fast speed, the Top-Link AC1900 is the best option you can get. See Top-Link AC1900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router on Amazon

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