Single-Wheel Scooters Device will be at CES 2017

The Single-Wheel Scooters Device from Segway called Ninebot One S1 is a new kind of personal mobility device that will enable users to maintain a sharper sense of maneuverability in a compact design. This device is currently not available and Segway is set to debut these mobility device at CES 2017.

The Ninebot One S1 from Segway is a lightweight and a portable designed device, that can provide users with a maximum cruising speed of 12.5mph. The Ninebot One S1 features a single-wheel design that makes it something like the unicycle of the electric scooter world. 
The device would be a bit more difficult to ride and thus is likely only suitable for those brave enough to take the time to master riding the personal mobility device, because learning and mastering it could take time.
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