Tecno Phantom 6 vs Infinix Zero 4 - the Similarities and Difference

The complication and argument going on currently after the lunch of these world class devices is; which one is better?

Even buyers passes through the same test of finding the best smartphone they should buy, considering the fact that both the Phabtom 6 and Zero 4 are both premium devices making a choice would be extremely difficult expecially when your not into phones. To provide buyers with better choice, I decided to craft this post - the Similarities and Difference between Tecno Phantom 6 vs Infinix Zero 4.

Of course, we can say that the both device are premium devices, both powerful, provides user with an innovative design, improved features, looks comfortable, stylish and made for people who has extra money to spend to get the device they really want to give them the right fill with an improved performance.

Tecno Phantom 6 vs Infinix Zero 4 - Design
  • Both features a 5.5-Inch display size
  • Both has an 8MP front camera
  • The Phantom 6 has dual back camera of 13MP and 5MP while Zero 4 has 16MP back only
  • The Zero 4 has a bigger battery of 3200mAh while the Phantom 6 has 2700mAh
  • Both has a MicroSD card expansion slot of upto 128GB
  • The Zero 4 is more secure with fingerprint support that is missing in Phantom 6
  • Both runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS 
The Infinix Zero 4 shows a better design specification over the Phantom 6 ranging from quality and longer battery life to security. The phantom 6 has fingerprint missing - Tecno started incorporating fingerprint in 2017 with its Camon CX and CX Air. Also, a 3200mAh battery capacity is a hug advantage over a 2700mAh battery considering average usage time.

For the camera, starting with the front. They feature 8MP front, Tecno took the back a bit with a dual 13MP and 5MP, but, I think the 16MP is still very much capable of bring your memories to live. Both offers a great camera quality. So, there is no much difference between the camera quality.

Tecno Phantom 6 vs Infinix Zero 4 - Features
  • Both has 4G LTE
  • Both supports fast charging
  • Both supports OTG cable and MicroUSB cable
  • None among them is water resistance
  • Both support HTML5 browser
For the features, the has similar features apart from the missing fingerprint reader on the Phantom 6, everything else remains the same including 4G LTE support for super fast internet browsing, supports OTG cable connection and HTML% browser to give the user a better browsing experience.

Tecno Phantom 6 vs Infinix Zero 4 - Memory and Performance
  • Both supports 3GB of RAM size
  • Has 32GB internal storage space
  • Both can be expandable using MicroSD card upto 128GB
If the storage capacity is your consideration, you can see that your decision shouldn't be based on the storage because the both features same storage capacity. The performance of the both smartphones is geared toward improving the user experience.

However, the processor differs - the Phantom 6 performance is enhanced with a 2.0Ghz Deca core processor while the Zero 4 performance is enhanced with a MediaTek Helio X20 Quad core processor.

Tecno Phantom 6 vs Infinix Zero 4 - Price
  • Both has almost same price tag - costs between 101,000 to 117,000 Naira
Even with the notable difference there is no much difference between the price tag, so I believe the price would not also be a criteria for choosing one over the other.

Tecno Phantom 6 vs Infinix Zero 4 - Conclusion

Looking at the overall specifications, it is clearly seen that the Infinix Zero 4 has a better advantage over the Tecno Phantom 6 - from battery capacity to security and again price at the same range.

For me, I will go for the Zero 4 over the Phantom 6. Also, do not forget that the both devices has an elder brothers (the Plus versions). they come in two variants. We talked about the Zero 4 Plus and even the Phantom 6 Plus been the superior versions.

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