Best Chest Strap with Heart Rate Monitor 2017

When it comes to getting a better Heart Rate result and to pin point accuracy, you need to get a Chest Strap but, if you're just more after colur in your workout, and aren't interested in spending your sessions at specific bpms, a wrist-based smartwatch with heart rate monitor will do.

The Chest Strap does not only makes your stats more accurate, but also, it enables heart rate training in specific zones. Increasingly, companies has been embedding optical sensors to detect the blood racing through veins. But, if you're serious about accuracy, the chest strap is still the best in most cases.

Considering that there are many and different kinds of Chest Straps, making the right choice would be the most difficult thing to do for a beginner buyer. But after taking time to review and look out for the best chest strap, here is the best Chest Strap with Heart Rate Monitor that you can buy.

Best Chest Strap with Heart Rate Monitor

1. Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor - Editor's Choice

On these list of the best chest strap, the new Polar H10 heart rate sensor happens to be my best choice when it comes to accuracy and connectivity, the Polar H10 heart rate sensor is the go-to choice.

It monitors your heart rate with maximum precision and connect your heart rate to your training equipment. Hook up Polar H10 with Polar Beat, Polar’s free fitness and training app, and get accurate real-time heart rate directly to your phone.

And, for those who don't like working out with there phones, you can track your training session without your phone and transfer your heart rate data to Polar Beat after you finish. The device works well with leading fitness apps, compatible gym equipment and many other Bluetooth devices.

Also, the Polar H10 is fully waterproof and transfers heart rate data in water with 5 kHz transmission. If you don’t have a compatible wrist based Heart Rate Monitoring watch, you can use Polar H10 to track your heart rate in the pool and move your heart rate data to the free Polar Beat app afterwards.
it comes with a soft textile strap with improved electrodes to make sure your heart rate is measured accurately and without interference. The material is comfortable to wear, and the silicone dots and the improved buckle keep the strap firmly in place.
Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor  - Pros

  • Polar H10 has a built-in memory for heart rate data from one training session. The data can be transfered to Polar Beat, Polar’s free fitness and training app.
  • Updateable  firmware that enhance the functionality
  • Its Goro compatible, pair the H10 heart rate sensor directly to the GoPro Hero 5 camera and overlay your heart rate data onto the recorded video.
  • Revised strap design to provide comfort fit and security needed when exercising.
  • Long lasting battery life - 400 hours of operation time on a user replaceable
  • Waterproof and transfers heart rate data in water with 5 kHz transmission when swimming
  • Affordable

Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor  - Cons

  • Its a bit technical to use

2. Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap -  Best Chest Strap under $50

Train more effectively with the Garmin Premium heart rate monitor chest strap, these chest strap when worn around your chest during an activity provides you with accurate result, it also support a wireless connection that wirelessly transmits your heart rate to your compatible device for instant feedback on how hard you’re working.

The front part of the strap contains the heart rate module and the strap that goes around your back is made of a soft fabric and can be adjustable to the size of your body for secure fit during your activities. Once paired with your compatible device, it will automatically recognize it each time.

The strap can be optimized for use in crowded areas like the gym and road races, it won’t pick up any signals but your own. Out of the box was easy to sync with both my Edge 500 and DigiFit (with case) on iPhone and Android.

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  • Adjustable Sizing
  • Waterproofing
  • Long battery life
  • Affordable
  • Does not transmit heart rate data to your device while swimming

The Wahoo TICKR is another good strap to monitor your heart rate during training. It monitors your heart rate, calories burned, and duration, plus distance and pace when used with a smartphone and most popular fitness apps.

The Wahoo TICKR uses dual band technology (Bluetooth/ANT+) works with most smartphones, GPS devices, and the Apple Watch. Its the perfect heart rate monitor whether you are working towards a PR or just working off a big meal. It is sweat and water proof with a replaceable battery.

It offers a personalized Heart Rate Training with its Wahoo RunFit App that bring heart rate training into all your workouts including; running & walking, strength workouts, other cardio workouts, and more.

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap - Pros

  • Measures heart rate and calorie burn
  • Replaceable Coin cell battery that lasts up to 12 months
  • Third party app compatibility, works seamlessly with over 50 Smartphone Apps
  • Bluetooth 4.0 & ANT+ enabled
  • Waterproofing up to 5 feet (IPX 7 rating)

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap - Cons

  • No built-in storage

You need an accurate chest strap that gives you accurate result and still very much affordable? then this Polar H7 is all you need. According to the test result conducted by Wearablethe Polar H7 has the best Heart Rate sensor. The Polar's heart rate monitor chest strap was tested with different kinds of fitness tracker and smartwatch, including the Apple Watch Series 2 and the Garmin Vivoactive HR.

With the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor, you can make the most out of every training session. The Strap provides real-time heart rate with compatible mobile training apps, including Polar Beat and Polar Flow, via low energy Bluetooth Smart technology. Also, with the Polar H7, you can connect with the majority of Polar heart rate monitors on the market and compatible gym equipment.

With the Polar Beat, you analyze your training to see if you beat your training target, beat your distance record and get quick overview to go in-depth. the "Polar Beat" app perfectly sync to your phone. The app keeps a detailed history for you that isn't limited (up to 3 months of daily workouts history can stored). The Polar H7 can as well connect to GPS and track your distances/routes as well as how what your pace is.

Also, those who want to count the calories they burn and get basic heart rate-based features to keep their fitness training simple, you need this Polar H7 as it tracks you calories and also uses an advance Gym Link technology that monitors your heart rate and activity trackers with compatible gym equipment .

  • Works perfectly for both Android and iOS devices
  • Can connect to GPS
  • More accurate reading
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Affordable
  • Calories counter capabilities
  • Strong battery life
  • Waterproof heart rate sensor
  • Works only with iOS 7 or latter and Android 4.3 or latter

The Wahoo TICKER X is an upgraded version of the Wahoo TICKER Heart Rate Monitor, coming with upgraded and added features to take your training to the next level.

The TICKR X is the ultimate fitness tracker that captures both motion and intensity to give you the most effective workout. It measures heart rate, calorie burn, running form metrics, and indoor run and spin cadence with the Wahoo Run/Fit App.

Its  comes with a built-in memory that gives you the freedom to train without a phone and syncs them to your phone later. TICKR X is compatible with most popular fitness apps, making it an incredibly versatile workout tracker for all of your activities. You can even track speed and distance while on the treadmill.

  • Monitor intensity
  • It analyzes motion 
  • Count reps
  • Has an internal memory
  • Its third party app compatibility
  • Bluetooth 4.0 & ANT+ enabled
  • Works with iPhone 4S and later, and with select Android devices using Android 4.3
Best Chest Strap with Heart Rate Monitor 2017 - Buyers Guide

If you want to track your heart rate with high accuracy, it is best to go for the chest strap heart rate monitors because they tend to be more accurate then the wristband kind but, wrist monitors are much more convenient and easier to wear. 

If you are you thinking that with the aforementioned points, you can just easily go out to the market and buy a chest strap with herat rate monitor for your training session? well, sorry to disappoint you because the answer is Hell No!

And if you don’t know, a chest strap comes with several things you need to consider before you actually spend the hard earned money. They have different features.

What to look for when buying Heart Rate Monitors?

When buying a chest strap with heart rate monitor the most important to know that Technology is changing everything and exercise is not an exception to that. Technology has greatly improved sport so much that with a simply attachment and a smartphone you can track and analyze detail important skills to improve.

However, below are some of the most important things to look out for when buying a chest strap with heart rate monitor;

Your Budget
This can not be under-estimated, you may have a certain amount you want to spend to buy a chest strap and thanks, they come in different price range and so your budget will determine the best one for you.

For some, the chest strap your budget may be able to afford might not be the most expensive but be sure that you will get a good chest strap no matter your budget.


The features of chest straps with heart rate monitors differs, some are water resistant but does not transmit heart rate data to your device while swimming. So if you are a swimmer, chest strap that lacks these feature would not be good for you. You have to look out for the features to see if it offers what you really want from it.

Most chest straps allows you can track calories burned, duration, lap time, distance and more and supports features like waterproofing, third-party app compatibility and more. Some even go as far as providing built-in memory and transmits data even while swimming.

Chest Strap with Heart rate monitors track your heart rate during training, but they also offer many other fitness statistics and features. It is important to look for features that will benefit you the most. For chest strap with heart rate monitoring, some allows you to record your data and view it at a later time.

The best chest straps with heart rate monitors can transfer your exercise data to apps on your smartphone either through USB or Bluetooth, you can upload data each workout session. Some monitors even allow you to compare your data with friends. Most chest strap with heart rate monitors are only compatible with certain apps and devices so check with the manufacturer’s device compatibility charts before you buy one.


Considering how the market of chest strap with heart rate monitor is, I hope list like this we helps you pick the best chest strap for you depending on your budget. Do keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a “perfect” chest strap, that’s why each chest strap is built to suit the need of different consumers.

We have added chest straps with heart rate monitor that are for budget oriented consumers as well as the chest straps that are for professional elites. In case you think there is a good chest straps that is missing here, please feel free to let us know.
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