Best Hair Straightener 2019 - Buyers Guide

Having a straight and shiny hair will never go out of fashion, and that is why Hair straighteners are very important to own and I hope you will believe me when I say;

Straightening your hair doesn't mean that you're damaging your hair? 

Because the work of the hair straighteners is to guarantee a beautiful, shiny and straight hair without risking the health of the hair.

But despite how awesome hair straighteners are, there is still a problem, and that is finding a good, yet affordable hair straightener which the task is not easy for some persons. I mean, its not an easy job.

That is why I have created this list of (April) 2017 best hair straightener. After putting in time researching and looking out for the best, I have ended up shortlisting this top 10 that you can buy with guarantee.

Best Hair Straightener 2017 - Review

Surely, you have nothing to worry about because these Straighteners or Flat Iron are very much affordable, they don't carry heavy price tag.

They might be affordable and cheap, but be very assured that they are very much good enough to make these list of the 10 best Hair Straightener for 2017.

Table of Content

HSI Professional Hair Straightener - See Review (Check on Amazon)
Xtava Pro-Satin Hair Straightener - See Review (Check on Amazon)
MHD Professional Hair Straightener - See Review (Check on Amazon)
Wazor Hair Straightener - See Review (Check on Amazon)
HairArt H3000 Hair Straightening - See Review (Check on Amazon)
KIPOZI Professional Hair Straightener - See Review (Check on Amazon)
Le Beaute Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener - See Review (Check on Amazon)
Remington Hair Straightener - See Review (Check on Amazon)
Professional Titanium Hair Straightener by xtava - See Review (Check on Amazon)
Infiniti Pro Hair Straightener by Conair - See Review (Check on Amazon)
Important Things to Look Out for when Buying Hair Straightener (Flat Iron)

1.  HSI Professional Hair Straightener - Review (Amazon #1 Best Selling Hair Straightener)

The HSI Professional Hair Strengthener is made with an advance technology to provide shinny results without damaging the hair. HSI is good for the women who are addicted to perfectly sleek hair, the flat iron is an irreplaceable beauty accessory.

The HSI does not damage or even break the hair. Even,  the flat iron can instantly transforms your dull frizzy hair into a cover girl straight hair.

The flat iron boasts a revolutionary ceramic ionic system for guaranteed hydrated and shiny hair, combined with a smart infrared technology which acts in depth, giving you sleek hair with an attitude. This dual voltage worldwide edition has 100% solid ceramic tourmaline plates that protect the hair, giving it extra-shine, and its curved round edges will help you straighten, flip or curl your hair, salon-style.

The adjustable temperature can go up to 450F and the 360 swivel cord, plus the ergonomic design will make this experience fun and easy. Even the girls with the most stubborn types of hair can now say good-bye to annoying frizz. It's sleek time.

Apart from the fact that it does not have an Auto Switch Off and may be a bit risky using it on wet hair (I'd be afraid if burning the hair), the  flat iron is a good and affordable one and also includes Free heat glove, 5ml Argan oil leave in conditioner Bottle and heat pouch for storage.

Steps to Use:
  • Hold down the power button for three seconds in order for it to be turned on.
  • Once on, the LCD screen which is inlaid in the handle lights up to show the power and heat level.
  • You can control the heat level with the + or - sign.
  • There is a button for the 450 degree setting which is right next to the power button (It has only four buttons right next to the LCD screen)
HSI Professional Hair Straightener - Pros
  • Fast on (about 3 seconds for it to power on and heat up)
  • Digital LCD Temperature Control with adjustable temperature from 240F to 450F
  • The plates are smooth and slick
  • Its rounded edges, allows you to make 'waves' in your hair
HSI Professional Hair Straightener - Cons
  • No Auto Switch Off 

Xtava Pro-Satin Hair Straightener - Review
The Xtava Pro-Satin Infrared flat iron uses infrared heat technology to penetrate the cuticle and heat hair from the inside out to protect your hair from over drying and ensure sleek and shiny results at any moment.

Its built with ceramic tourmaline plates to reduce surface tension and offers struggle-free styling. It uses an advanced microprocessor that allows for precise heat settings. Just select the ideal temperature for your unique hair type in ten degree increments between 265 and 445ºF on the LCD display.

The temperature display will continually blink to show that the microprocessor is regulating the internal temperature. It is amazing. It heats up very quickly and its really good for thick natural hair.

It is designed with comfort in mind, to open the plates wider, there is a sliding lock near the cord. Look for the ridged piece on the top of the unit near the cord. Slightly press down on the plates and use your thumb to slide the ridged piece back toward the cord.

Apart from the fact that it Auto Shuts Down Multiple times (Which is a major downside of the Flat Iron), it has a 2 inch wide ceramic tourmaline plates are great for taming thick and natural hair and also comes with a heat resistant travel case.

It has an Extra wide 2 inch bottom floating plates plus upper dual-plate technology that maintains even heating while you style with digital settings that allows to choose from 10 temperature settings on an LCD digital display, ranging from 265 F - 445 F.

The Pro Satin infrared flat iron is designed with 90 second rapid heat up technology, a 60 minute auto shut off function, and an 8 foot 360 degree swivel cord. Universal dual voltage (110 - 240V AC) will automatically adjust to the proper voltage when used with a compatible adapter - This flat iron kit 

Not sure which temperature is right for you? Use at;
  • 265 F - 300 F for delicate or fine hair types
  • 300 F - 380 F for normal hair, and
  • 380 F - 445 F for thick or coarse hair types 
Please Note: This is not a wet hair drying iron and it is not a good idea to use on wet hair

Xtava Pro-Satin Hair Straightener - Pros
  • Affordable
  • Built in auto shut off function, good when yoy forget to turn it off
  • Good for natural hair
  • Adjustable temperature depending on the kind of hair type is an awesome idea
Xtava Pro-Satin Hair Straightener - Cons
  • 90 seconds heat up time is a bit longer compared to others
  • Auto shut when in use is not a good idea

MHD Professional Hair Straightener - Review
The MHD Professional Hair Straightener is a metal ceramics hair straightener that reaches 446F salon temperature and is ready to use in just 15 seconds. The MHD has a 1-Inch long metal ceramics heat plates that straighten larger sections of hair at one time for fast results and give the ultimate smooth finish.

With its MHD MCH heating plate, it take only about 15 seconds to heat up and  it has ultra fast heat recovery to maintain constant high heat during use. It has 3 settings adjustable temperatures between 248F/356F/446F(120C/180C/230C) with working LED indicator.

The MHD has an Auto shut off built-in that automatically shuts off after 30min. Resists tangles and offers freedom of movement.Tail and wire is using 360 degrees rotation, it resolves the wire winding problem,makes the operation becomes more convenient.

Apart from the Auto shut off that turns off the straightener at every 30 mins, it is very good for very much tangled hairs as it has a 360 degree rotation that makes it convenient to straighten the hair and capable of making waves

Basic Features
  • Metal ceramic heater
  • Temperature adjustable
  • Digital LCD screen
  • Auto shut off
MHD Professional Hair Straightener - Pros
  • The 360 degree rotation makes it capable to mave "waves" in the hair
  • The temperature can be adjusted depending on the hair type
  • Fast heat up of 15 seconds
  • Affordable
MHD Professional Hair Straightener - Cons
  • 30 mins Auto may not be a good idea during use
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Wazor Hair Straightener - Review (Editors Preferred)
The Wazor Hair Straightener boost more heating area,save time and effort and heats up very fast. The flat iron makes heating up speedly, and heating evenly,can effectively protect the hair and make the hair smooth and shinny.

It uses an advance Ceramic Technology that enables the plate to produces a potent mass of negative ions, that can make your hair smoother, shinny and healthier.

The adjustable digital temperature control can go between 284℉-450℉. Safety, the straightener has an Auto shut off that automatically shuts it off after 40 mins. You see, waving or curling is not a problem because;

It has a 3D floating plate, this plate can both curl and straight hair and protect hair cuticle better, also its 360 degree tangle free swivel makes it very easy o use. It is very good for those that has a very thick wavy hair. and be sure that it won't burn your hair because the temperature is adjustable.

Not only that it is good for thick and wavy hair, it can also be used on any type of hair. All you need do is to adjust the temperature, it can go between 284℉-450℉.

Wazor Hair Straightener - Pros
  • Good for all kinds of hair
  • Can both curl and straight hair
  • Fast heat up (about 15 seconds)
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Built-in Auto Shut off (good when not in use)
  • Affordable
Wazor Hair Straightener - Cons
  • Auto shut off when in use is not a good idea

HairArt H3000 Hair Straightening - Review
This hair straighter from HairArt is a Plug-in, style, and go flat iron. Its a 5-temperature ceramic iron that heats up in just 15 seconds, and can make your hair sleek and straight, and give you soft and beautiful curls.

The flat iron is a wider and more powerful straightening iron designed to alleviate unruly locks. With its digital technology and one-and-a-half-inch ceramic plates, this iron tames manes with a gentle touch, for smooth, glossy and lasting results.

In as much as the temperature is adjustable, it can only be used no dry hair (Make sure hair is not DRIPPING OR SOAKING WET), You'll really be impressed by this straightener! even if you have very kinky coily hair or natural hair, this flat iron makes it silky smooth and bone straight.

Its important to know the type of hair you have to determine the appropriate heat setting. For fine, damaged or color treated hair, use LOWER heat settings (200F - 300F). Healthy or coarse hair, use HIGHER heat settings (300F - 400F). It is always best to start with low heat settings and just increase as needed. Best results are achieved on locks of hair that are at minimum 5 cm long.

Direction for use;
Press the ON/OFF button for 2 seconds until it lights up. The iron will warm up to its default setting of 180F. Press the UP or DOWN button to increase or decrease the temperature depending on your desired setting (can heat up to 400F). Once you reach desired temperature, take a small section of your hair and run a comb through it. Place the hair between the plates as close to the scalp as possible. Gently close the iron and slowly pull the iron away from your scalp towards the end of your hair.

HairArt H3000 Hair Straightening - Pros
  • Fast heat up
  • Good for all kinds of hair
  • No built-in Auto shut off (meaning no regular turning off when in use)
  • Adjustable temperature
HairArt H3000 Hair Straightening - Cons
  • No built-in shut off - meaning, if you forget to shut if off it will remain on

KIPOZI Professional Hair Straightener - Review
The KIPOZI Professional Titanium Hair Straightener flat iron is made with the user's comfort in mind with its simple temperature control and auto shut off of after 60 minutes.

The flat iron Titanium made plate give a tighter press and even distribution of heat .You can flat iron your hair with less fizz,more smooth and shinny.Also suitable for thick,curly and wavy hair type.

Its has an LCD display for clear read, 1.75-inch special floating plate hair flat iron. Full contact and snag free when straightening hair. Adjustable temperature of up to 170F/450F with intelligent safety temperature fall down and has a durable handle keep away from the heat and ergonomically suit your hand.

It has a rounded edge design for both flips and curlers. 8 foot heavy duty swivel power cord to avoid tangle. Straight from the box, it comes with;
  • 1 straightener
  • 1 velvet pouch
  • 1 instruction and money back guarantee.
Depending on your hair, you can use a temperature between;
  • 290F(fragile hair)
  • 370F(damaged hair/colored hair )
  • 430F(healthy hair )
KIPOZI Professional Hair Straightener - Pros
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Good for all kinds of hair
  • 1 hour Auto shut off
KIPOZI Professional Hair Straightener - Cons
  • Can't be used of a wet hair

Le Beaute Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener - Review
The Le Beaute Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener is the solution to achieving the perfect hairstyle to make you say goodbye to unruly, frizzy hair.

The flat iron will transform your dull and unmanageable hair into silky, smooth, and frizz-free locks and it not only straightens, but can be used to curl and wave your hair, as well.

It employs new, highly efficient infrared technology that retains moisture and protects your hair cuticles from damage and with its adjustable temperature control knob, you can decide how much heat to use and has a quick heat up of less than 30 seconds.

The Le Beaute Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener is perfect for any type of hair, whether it is coarse, fine, curly, wavy or frizzy; our flat iron will transform dull, unmanageable hair into gorgeous, silky, smooth, and frizz-free locks. It also works great to curl and wave your hair.

Apart from the fact that it is not a Digital LCD straightener, it has an adjustable temperature control of up to a maximum of 500° Fahrenheit and uses a highly efficient infrared technology that preserves moisture and causes less damage to your hair cuticles.

Le Beaute Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener - Pros
  • Fast heat up of less than 30 seconds.
  • Long length of cord for comfortable use
  • Comfortable for all kinds of hair
Le Beaute Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener - Cons
  • Its not a digital LCD hair straightener.
  • Its a little bulkier

Remington Hair Straightener - Review (Best under 30 dollar)
The Remington flat iron hair straightener has a 1 inch ceramic plates that are infused with real pearl, for a smooth glide through your hair for an evenly-distributed, ionic heat reduces frizz and damage and leaving your hair silky smooth.

It is a professional quality flat iron that heats up to 450°F in a quick 30 seconds and features easy to read digital display and temperature controls. Remington's Pearl Pro for the ultimate salon finish. The Pearl Pro creates professional salon results at home.

One amazing feature of the hair straightener is the Temperature control lock that prevents it from overheating and comes with a 3-years warranty and its is also less than 30 dollar.)

It has a Highest Grade Ceramic for smoothest snag free glide, a Temperatures adjustment between 300°F-450°F Precise heat, Built-in Auto shut off after 60 Minutes, swivel salon length cord and other cool features. It heats up so fast and when it's fully heated it beeps to let you know. It looks sleek and the digital readout is awesome.

It also has a temperature lock feature, that allows you stay on the current temperature that is suitable for your hair type and prevents it from changing while in use. The temperature lock is AWESOME as the temp can change while you use it if you don't lock it.

Remington Hair Straightener - Pros
  • Temperature lock for preventing the temperature from changing while in use.
  • The straightener beeps when it is fully heated and that is an amazing one
  • Its a digital LCD straightener with adjustable temperature
  • Good for all kinds of hair and its rounded edges makes it possible to produces waves
  • Comes with 3-Years warranty
Remington Hair Straightener - Cons
  • Can't be used on a wet hair

Professional Titanium Hair Straightener by xtava - Review
The Titanium is a super high-quality metal that heats quickly and evenly, smoothing hair efficiently and imparting maximum shine. Like tourmaline, titanium uses negative ions to preserve hair health while you style. Ready to seriously up your hair’s gloss factor? This flat iron will get you there.

Titanium Flat Iron features 1 inch titanium plates with rapid heat technology that heat up in just 60 seconds and makes it easier to do smaller sections and this is perfect for bangs.

This has adjustable heat settings and it even has an automatic shut off which is a perfect idea for busy Mom (so even if you forget to unplug it, there is nothing to worry) this Auto shut off just gives more piece of mind.

It has a universal dual voltage between 110 - 240V AC and can automatically adjust to the proper voltage when used with a compatible adapter. This flat iron kit includes a heat resistant zip travel case and features rounded plate edges that make it easy to create curls, waves, or straighten with a single tool.

You can choose between 3 temperature settings on an LCD digital display from 300 - 400 - 450 degrees. Not sure which temperature is right for you?
  • 300F for delicate or fine hair types
  • 400F for normal hair
  • 450F for thick or coarse hair types
Professional Titanium Hair Straightener by xtava - Pros
  • Digital LCD with adjustable temperature.
  • Good for all kinds of hair and its rounded edges makes it possible to create waves
  • 60 minutes Auto shut off (so even if you forget to unplug it)
Professional Titanium Hair Straightener by xtava - Cons
  • 60 seconds heat up time is poor compared to others we've reviewed
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Infiniti Pro Hair Straightener by Conair - Review
The Infiniti hair straightener flat iron from Conair CS710R Tourmaline Ceramic protects, revitalizes and nourishes your hair as you straighten and style.

The iron delivers up to 89% straighter, less frizz, high shine, silky straight and healthy-looking results.

It has a ceramic-coated plates that provide maximum conditioning and frizz reduction while you straighten and reaches a heat levels of up to 455 degrees and takes only less than 15 seconds to heat up.

With an instant heat recovery system, it automatically recover its heat if unplugged or power is lost. It has different heat settings for various styles and has floating plates to straighten or flip hair and has an auto-shut off feature that keeps the flat iron safe if accidentally left on.

In addition, it offers a 3x smoother surface for faster glide, the iron also includes a .25oz. bonus pack for Argan Oil Fusion which offers a true conditioning and damage protection benefit and has a rounded edges that will fit all your styling needs.

Infiniti Pro Hair Straightener by Conair - Pros
  • Work with any kind of hair
  • Super fast heat up of less than 15 seconds
  • Its rounded edges makes it possible to produces waves
Infiniti Pro Hair Straightener by Conair  - Cons
  • Its not a digital LCD hair straightener.
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Important Things to Look Out for when Buying Hair Straightener (Flat Iron)

Before taking your final decision on the hair straightener or flat iron, there are some certainly things you should out for. If you followed the article carefully, you will notice they have some things in common. They things to look out for includes;

Adjustable Temperature
This is very important because, depending on your hair type you may need to set the temperature to suit your hair to avoid damages to the hair.

Auto Shut Off
This is very important, especially to mom. This feature prevents you from getting worried when you forget to unplug the iron from charge. However, some has less than 60 minutes auto shut off and be be rapidly shutting off when in use.

Fast Heat up
Some has up to 60 seconds heat up while some has less than 30 seconds heat up. SO, if you like super fast heat up, less than 30 seconds would be a better choice.

Final Word - Wrapping it up

Considering how the market of Hair Straightener or Flat Iron is pretty saturated, finding the perfect hair straightener is never an easy task. So, that is when lists like these come into play. The list was carefully crafted, keeping in mind things like the needs of a customer and how much are they willing to spend on a particular straightener (flat iron).

I just hope the list helps you pick the best hair straightener according to your budget. Do keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a “perfect” , that’s why each straightener is built to suit the need of different types of hair. All the hair straightener I added her are for budget oriented consumers as well as well can be used in shops. In case you are thinking that I missed on a good straightener

With all this said.

Thanks for reading.
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