Casio New Android Smartwatch - Casio WSD-F20 brings GPS, Offline Maps, and Android Wear 2.0

The first Casio’s Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 was an impressive one, but now it seems like Casio is getting serious with smartwatches after unveiling its WSD-F20, second Android Wear-packing timepiece. The new Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F20 fixes one of the WSD-F10’s more obvious omissions by adding GPS support.

In addition, Casio has also included the ability to download maps from Mapbox and to use the downloaded maps offline in tandem with GPS. The GPS data can also be used with the watch’s Activity app, record the path traveled while hiking, cycling, kayaking and so on. These features make the watch a lot more useful as a device independent of a smartphone.

Amazingly, it's still built for ruggedness and thankfully that Casio has managed to pack in everything without adding any extra bulk. It's still 50 meters depth water resistant as well and it's been built to military standards so it can handle a bit of rough and tumble.
The watch is available in orange or black colors,  with the same 1.32-inch dual layer LCD 320 x 330 touchscreen display that jumps into monochrome mode when you're running low on battery. That battery life is almost as same as before giving you a full day's play with everything running, and a whole month if you're using just the normal watch mode.

As far as sensors are concerned, you'll still get pressure (air and altitude), accelerometer, gyrometer and magnetic compass sensors. This should help you in tracking a host of different outdoor activities including trekking, cycling, fishing, winter sports, and water sports.

The Casio WSD-F20 is priced at $500 (exactly the same price with the F10, when it was lunched last year) and is scheduled to launch on 21 April. Keep a look out for in-depth first look at Casio's second gen outdoor smartwatch coming soon on the site.


Wearable - Casio WSD-F20 Android Wear smartwatch brings GPS to the party
TheVerge - Casio’s new outdoor smartwatch adds GPS, offline maps, and Android Wear 2.0 
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