First Look - Casio WSD-F20 Android Wear with GPS, Offline Maps

Recently, within last week, Casio unveiled its new Android wear smart outdoor - the WSD-F20 - Pro TrekThe companies second GPS watch aimed squarely at the outdoor market, following a  relatively similar model that was announced last year and was also very impressive.

Casio plan to start shipping out its new smartwatch from 21st of April 2017 with a retail price of $500. Casio has taken a different approach to the GPS watch, forgoing some important things like an optical heart rate sensor to focus more on outdoor sports.

However, the watch itself will be shipped with two color, orange and black. The Pro Trek Smart is equipped with a touch screen and has three physical buttons for Power, App, and Tool. All three of the buttons are located on the right side of the device while the left side is reserved for the charging port and a spot for the device’s barometric altimeter.
Although, the Casio Pro Trek lacks the presence of a heart rate monitor sensor, but users still has an option to add a one using Bluetooth enabled heart rate monitor.
Another interesting hardware components present is the Pro Trek Smart is the inclusion of a dual layer display, something that was also found in its predecessor. This component allows the watch to essentially switch between two modes:
  • Smartwatch mode
  • Monochrome mode
The watch has a dual LCD layer, this allows the watch to have a full-color LCD screen for things like maps, notifications, and activities; as well as having a monochrome LCD with extremely low power draw. The watch can be configured to switch the displays as Smartwatch mood when the color is necessary and to monochrome whenever color isn’t necessary.
Casio has chosen to include a handful of first party applications to grow the ecosystem of Android Wear such as Activity, Location Memory, Moment Setter, TOOL and Moment Link. These apps was written by Casio and build off the showcase activities that Casio is supporting (Trekking, Fishing, Cycling, Snow, and Paddle Sports).

The apps will capture data relevant to the event (Activity), allow you to create way point based on an event (Memory), provide relevant information to a given activity based on time, location or even preferred fishing conditions (Moment Setter), display environmental and other user data (TOOL), and allow you to share these experiences with friends (Moment Link).
Again, like I said, it will Casio will start shipping the watch from Apirl 21st with a price tag of $500.

With that in mind - thanks for reading.
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