Galaxy Note7 Problem Discovered - [Infographic] Showing Samsung Galaxy Note7 Problems

Samsung examined every aspect of the Galaxy Note7 to find out the causes of the Galaxy Note7 incidents, including its hardware, software and related processes over the past several months.

Samsung’s investigation, as well as the investigations completed by three independent industry organizations, concluded that the batteries were the cause of the Galaxy Note7 incidents. Samsung has finally announced the results of the company's investigation into the Note7 accidents today, and it has come to an interesting conclusion

The causative factors are further explained in the infographic below.
Samsung seems confident that the Note7's battery issues have been resolved, and hopefully will not affect future devices like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. The company said during the conference that 96% of all Note7 phones worldwide have been returned, and hopefully the remaining 4% won't cause any injury to stubborn owners that did not return theres.

Source: SamsungNewsRoom
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