Hugo Barra is leaving Xiaomi, after about Four Years in China

Hugo Barra, a former Google VP, is leaving Xiaomi and going back to Silicon Valley, to '[embark] on a new adventure' after three-and-a-half years in China. He (Hugo Barra), joined Xiaomi at a time when it was still mostly seen as a newcomer in the global technology business.

His leadership, as Global Vice President, has turned the scrappy young upstart into a genuine force to be reckoned with all over the world. Meanwhile, living in China has 'taken a huge toll on my life' and after 'seeing how much I've left behind these past few years, it is clear to me that the time has come to return.' said Hugo Barra

 He also mentions that his family and friends are back in Silicon Valley, which is what he considers to be home. On one side, Xiaomi will lose Barra's leadership and expertise. While on the other side, another company will gain that expertise.

Source : Hugo Barra (Facebook page)
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