Misfit Vapour comes with a Digital screen, GPS and Heart Rate monitor

Its been very busy at the CES 2017, Misfit has significantly added another activity tracker into the GPS watch realm. The new smartwatch, is the first device in its collection to feature a touchscreen display. The company is well known for their lightweight and fashionable wearables.

The Vapor has a 1.39-inch circular OLED display, with a 326 ppi pixel density, is a bit smaller in size and stature than the round displays found on most Android Wear watches and the Samsung Gear S3, but, in sharpness and clarity its looks like it'll match its rivals,

Tech Details of Misfit Vapour

The Vapour from Misfit is visually appealing and has a sharp color vividness that you see on other rivals like the Apple Watch, Samsung Fear, Garmin and others. It really is impressive. Thankfully, there's no black tyre at the bottom of the screen, there's also a touch bezel letting you browse watch faces, apps and respond to notifications without covering up the display.
The Vapour does not support 3rd party apps within the menu at this time. Misfit says they’re focused on the core watch experience for now, inclusive of fitness and non-fitness apps. For example, the unit has a workout app (for runners), as well as apps for music, contacts, calendar, messages, and weather.

Misfit tries to keep things stylish with the Vapor, offering the smartwatch in a 44mm satin-finished stainless steel casing, which will be available in jet black or rose gold finishes. In the fitness tracking department there's an accelerometer, altimeter (to measure elevation), gyroscope, an optical heart rate monitor and built-in GPS. It matches the Ray and Shine fitness trackers for waterproofing offering water resistance up to 50 metres.
While in the music department, this unit has a 4GB of internal storage, of which about 2GB is usable for music (about a few hundreds songs). Vapor connects to Bluetooth devices such as headphones or speakers because it doesn’t contain a speaker. At the side, the watch has a microphone, enabling you to take voice notes. You can’t however use it for completing calls.

But, just like other activity trackers, you’ll receive smartphone notifications, though it’s just for reading. There won’t be a method to respond natively on the watch to them. Misfit is interestingly opting for its own operating system, which is Android and iOS-friendly.
Under the hood, there is a Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, Wi-Fi connectivity ability. As far as battery is concerned, it comes in at 2 days of battery life, which is basically in the same ballpark in real-world usage as many Android Wear watches, the company is aiming for 5 hours of GPS-on time. And the watch will charge via a standard USB port connecting with a magnetic charging cradle.

The Vapor is coming with a $199 price tag, but you'll have to wait a while to get one because it be launching later in 2017.

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