No Snapdragon 835 for LG G6, as Samsung has Claimed the Entire Initial Supply

Ahead of the Galaxy S8 lunch that Samsung is preparing for, the company is buying up every Snapdragon 835 chip in sight and this causes headaches for other companies like the LG G6 which is rumored to sport similar shape as there aren’t enough units left and won’t be until the S8 is launched.

The report claims that an unnamed industry insider who has knowledge of the G6 made this statement on the down-low. Samsung will get first crack at the Snapdragon 835, and only after the GS8 is launched will the chip be available in sufficient quantities for other OEMs to build phones around it.

According to the source "The Snapdragon 835 won't be available in large quantities until after the Galaxy S8 launches"

This situation leaves LG with few options like, either to extend he G6 lunch until it can get enough chips to release, or it could do what it's apparently doing and just use a Snapdragon 821. We should have a better idea what the G6 and Galaxy S8 have in store before long.

When the Snapdragon 835 was announced, Samsung was the only manufacturing partner for the Snapdragon 835 so far, it's based on Samsung's 10nm manufacturing process. It's possible Samsung Electronics essentially ordered their entire capacity ahead of time, knowing that would freeze out its competitors.

Ans, since Qualcomm has not announced any alternatives in the 83x generation yet, the LG G6 will have to launch with an S821 chipset (unless it heavily delays the flagship).

Source: Forbes
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