Tecno W3 vs Tecno W4 - the Similarities and Difference

Tecno is the leading smartphone making company in Africa and 2016 was a very busy year for the Smartphone company. The Tecno W3 and Tecno W4 where both lunched last year as both middle class smartphones.

For those that are not well into phones, it might difficult to differentiate between the W3 and W4. In other to make it clear, I have crafted this post to clearly show how the both phones are similar and the difference between them. The truth is, the both smartphones is from Tecno, but there is a hug difference and little similarity between the Tecno W3 and Tecno W4.

With that in mind, lets jump to the similarities.

Tecno W3 vs Tecno W4 - Similarities
  • Battery Capacity - The W3 and W4 shares the same size of battery capacity, they both have a 2500mAh Battery Capacity.
  • Operating System - They both run on the same Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS
  • Network - First, they lack 4G LTE, but the Tecno W3 and Tecno W4 share 2G and 3G network. 
  • Display - Same display size of 5.0 Inch Touchscreem
  • Ram Size - A 1GB Ram size is found in both.
  • Connectivity - They are same Bluetooth, Wifi, Hotspot, GPS and MicroUSB connection
  • Front Camera - They both have a 2MP front facing selfie camera
  • Processor -  They share the same 1.3GHz Quad-core processor
These are the notable similarities, so lets the the difference.

Tecno W3 vs Tecno W4 - Difference
  • Memory - Storage size is very important at least for saving photos, musics, videos and others. Here the Tecno W4 has a 16GB internal storage while the Tecno W3 has 8GB storage space.
  • Camera - Keep, your memories alive with quality camera. They share a notable difference, the W4 has an 8MP camera and the W3 has a 5MP camera. Both has LED flash light.
These are the notable difference between them.

With all this said, I can confidently say that there are no much difference between the two apart from the camera. Because the memory can be resolved as the both support a MicroSD card expansion slot. So the storage can be expanded.

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