Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy S8 and get FREE Gear VR and get Discount on Headset and MicroSD Card

Samsung just lunched the Galaxy S8 and 8+, now they need to do everything possible to spike the pre-order. For sure, the best way to get this down is to start giving out some cool gifts, so Samsung will give away a free Gear VR to anyone who pre-orders the phone. As if that's not enough, you can also get a deal on some AKG Headphones and a big MicroSD card.
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When you get the new Gear VR and the motion controller, Samsung and Oculus will throw some free VR content your way to help you enjoy the new headset. If you don't mind, there is an added cost. You can get the headphones and a MicroSD card at a discounted rate - The promo cost is $99 and includes the Gear VR, controller (FREE), a pair of AKG headphones, and a 256GB microSD card.

The AKG headphones is valued at $150, the Samsung 256GB microSD card is $250, and the Gear VR with controller is $130. So, that's $530 worth of stuff , but because of the promo, you get all for $99. The promo is valid for Galaxy S8 or Ga;axy S8 Plus orders placed between 3/30/2017 and 4/20/2017.

Please Note that; regardless of which one you pre-irder, you will have to wait for the promo items to show up and you will need to submit proof of purchase to Samsung. It could take a few weeks for the item to show up. Documents from the valid purchase period must be submitted by May 14th.

Source | Samsung

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