Best Golf Swing Analyzers 2018 - Buyers Guide

Are you a golf or a baseball player that wants to improve or perfect your game?
If your answer is yes, a swing analyzer is one of the best tech tool that will help improve on your game very fast. Taking the Golf swing analyzer is a good tool that will help to enhance your performance.

A Swing analyzer offers measurement and data about the club's motion from sensors attached to the club or your body, or through comparison to a video library. Keeping track of your game and your swing has never been easier.

Shooting a low score is the aim of every golfer and there are host of devices, designed to offer the type of feedback and analysis on your golf swing, as well as performance on the course and golf swing analyzer is a very good tool that gives you some needed information that will hep you improve.

Why Golf Swing Analyzer is Very Important
Swing Analyzers is very important to both golfers and baseball players because it helps you to see results quicker than you might imagine, allows you to analyze & improve your time to contact, bat path angle, swing speed & more and some of the best swing analyzer sensor stores your actions in offline mode to enable you see your recent performance when your mobile is out of range.

Also, among the best golf swing analyzer benefits is the fact that you can have immediate access to your publication as it’s completely downloadable. Well, some of the publication is the central merchandise but you get lots of free and precious plus like training clips which show you the right moves.

In addition, you get live tele-seminars swing analyzer program, weekly strategies and lessons, worksheets and much more. Meaning that you can begin your training immediately no waiting. The swing analyzer shows angle of shaft when you strike the ball - Illustrates the difference between your release point and optimal point and syncs with Iphones, Androids, and Ipads

It is also very suitable for beginners and pros that wants to improve their game giving you a real time monitoring of your swing arc motions and allows you to monitor your swing power release point.

Best Golf Swing Analyzer  2018

Surly, these swing analyzers are not for everyone because choices are different but be assured that for any of the device that is able to make these list - that swing analyzer is a good one.

With that said; here are the 10 Best Swing Analyzers

1. Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer - Best Golf Swing Analyzer (Review)

The Zepp Golf 2 3D is the next generation of Zepp Golf, featuring the revolutionary Smart Coach training system. It is and upgraded Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer, a clip-on device that is attached to your glove when you're on the course or hitting on the range. The array of sensors notes everything from the speed of your hands to the tempo of your forward and backswing, before showing your data in the app which flashes up less than a second after you've hit the ball.

Simply take a few swings and Zepp will instantly evaluate the areas where you can improve and offer you training programs that are tailored to your swing. When paired with a smartphone, the app will even use the built-in accelerometer to track hip movements, a crucial element of a consistent swing and the Achilles heel of many a weekend golfer.

Generally, Zepp 2 is the most user-friendly swing analyzer, and one that's more suited to those not taking lessons. It's also added on-course features, including the ability to have every swing recorded on your round, Smart Coach that will help to improve your swing faster and once fully charged the battery can hold the charge for up to 8 hours.

  • Replay and review your swing in 360 degree from any angle
  • Record your swing in HD video and compare directly to the pros
  • Instant evaluations help you see where you can improve the most and focus your training
  • Smart coach offers personalized training programs, based on your data, from PGA/LPGA players and tour instructors to make you a better player faster
  • Zepp 2 is slightly smaller, has longer battery life, recharges faster, has improved accuracy, and uses Bluetooth LE to connect with your smart device
  • 3D swing analysis measures the most important aspects of your swing; club speed, club plane, tempo, backswing length and more
  • The kit contains the Zepp sensor, glove mount, and the USB charger
  • Very easy to set up and use
Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer - Cons
  • The needs alot of mobile data
  • Connecting to some device is a bit challenging
2. Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer - Best Baseball Swing Analyzer (Review)

Blast Baseball, is the industry's most accurate swing analyzer by simply attaching the sensor to the knob of any bat you can start swinging.

When swinging with the Black Swing Analyzer, information are automatically captured and sent to your Smart phone or tablet that it is paired with in the form of easy to understand metrics.

The devices also has an In-app training videos that provide you with tips, drills, and actionable insights to help you improve your swing.

Blast's patented Smart video capture technology automatically analyzes and clips your video to create a Series of video highlights synced with your metrics, allowing you or your coach to visually Identify your strengths and areas for improvement. Blast Baseball will help you become a stronger, more efficient, and overall better hitter.

The Blast sensor can be used to analyzer a whole team and the metrics can be separated by the creation of bats for individual players in the app and the sensor can allow you to measure bat speed, bat angle of attack, time to contact and analyze the swing with video analysis from the app.

Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer - Pros
  • The Blast has a better video analysis with a really great slow motion capture of the swing and stop motion at the exact time of impact
  • Provides very consistent feedback
  • Explanation videos are helpful to interpret metrics.
  • Easy to use, literally set up and ready to go in about a minute
  • Analyze your time to contact, bat path angle, swing speed & much more.
  • The sensor stores your actions in offline mode when your mobile phone is out of range
  • Easy to connect with smartphones
Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer - Cons
  • Not compatible with Axe Bat sensor
3. SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer - Best Voice Feedback Swing Analyzer

This Swingtalk just like other device is a swing analyzer product that has more valuable information to give than an instructional manual that will coach you on how to improve your swing.

SwingTalk has a voice feedback function gives you seamless swing practice experiences. When you swing, it gives you instant tempo & speed feedback with real-time voice alarm so you don’t need to stop and see smartphone display.

SwingTalk thoroughly analyzes your swing with comprehensive analysis data. It shows you not only the tempo, club speed, club trajectory but also actual movement of the shaft, key point analysis - shaft angles throughout the shaft. Track your swing with SwingTalk and improve everyday. This what any golfer that wants to improve needs.

Choose more convenient and efficient. SwingTalk is fit to all kinds of golf clubs including drivers, woods, irons, hybrid, wedges and putters. It analyzes not only your swing but also putting with one device and it support both iOS and Android so you don’t need to purchase additional products. You can save and load your swings with the SwingTalk Cloud and you can replay them whenever you want.

SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer  - Pros
  • SwingTalk brings you instant voice feedback that enables you to continue training with having to stop and check your smartphone for analyzes
  • It track club & shaft trajectory, shaft angle, actual movement of shaft and more
  • Supports both iOS & Android devices
  • Has a sleek design that makes it look stylish and attractive
  • Besides from being very easy to mount the device is also made from a very durable material enabling it withstand rough training
SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer - Cons
  • Poor battery life
  • The swing hits up on long usage
4. Zepp Baseball-Softball 2 3D Swing Analyzer - Baseball Swing Analyzer

Zepp baseball-softball 2 is the next generation of another powerful baseball swing analyzer. With new Smart features and designed to personalize your training, you can improve your game faster than ever.

Just like the Zepp Swig Analyzer for Golf, simply attach the sensor and let Zepp help you become the player you ASPIRE to be by giving you instant analysis and evaluations that help you focus your training.

Zepp will process thousands of data points to identify the right training program, just for you. Then Test your swing to see how much you’ve improved and where you should focus you training next. Based on your performance, it has a personalized training programs that will make you a better player faster.

Not only is the Zepp a powerful tool for players, it also has been adopted by the best coaches in the game. Manage your players, track their improvement over time, and show them their swing like never before. Add some horsepower to your coaching and connect your team with Zepp.

The smart coach helps to eliminate the guessing and identifies where your swing can improve the most and track your improvement in real-time and easily share your progress with the world. The Zepp 2 mount has a adhesive pad on the bottom to stick to the bat (using the adhesive is optional). But, if you plan to move from bat to bat you will not want to use the adhesive.

Zepp Baseball-Softball 2 3D Swing Analyzer - Pros
  • Improved battery life compared to the previous version (version 1)
  • The design allows you to leave the unit attached to the bat not having to have to remove it from the mount for charging
  • Very convenient connection - you do not go into you Bluetooth devices to connect to it. You are to only connect through the app
  • Can be use for a whole team, all you need do is to create as many profiles as you want
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Comes with a bat mount
Zepp Baseball-Softball 2 3D Swing Analyzer - Cons
  • The app consumes alot of data
5. Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer - Best Swing Analyzer under $100

Part of what to consider when buying a swing analyzer is the budget. For those looking for a good swing analyzer with good quality at an affordable price then this 3D swing analyzer fron Zepp is for you.

These device gives you the ability to replay and review your swing in 360 degrees from all angles. Spin around your club plane and hand path, zoom in and compare the shape of your backswing to the shape of your downswing. 

Also you can track key metrics like club head speed, swing plane, hand path, tempo, backswing position, and hip rotation. With Zepp 3D Insights, when you take at least 30 swings a week, Zepp will send you a detailed report on where you excelled along with videos to help improve your weaknesses. 

Watch some of the best Tour Pro’s swing in 3D and HD video. Break down their swings frame-by-frame with our high-speed video scrubber to see what makes them so successful. You can even compare your swing side-by-side to theirs or compare them against one another. Set goals and practice with purpose using instant swing data to track your improvement over time

The Zepp 3D comes with exclusive video content that will enable you to learn from the Pro's. Watch detailed swing analysis videos, training tips, and access drills designed by some of the best instructors in golf.

  • A light and compact design for carry easily
  • Very affordable swing analyzer with quality features
  • Easy to attach and use
  • Easy to connect with smartphones and tablet
  • Provides 3D path visualizations and accurate data
  • Does not support voice feedback
  • The battery lifespan is not too long
This M-Tracer golf swing analyzer is another good device for golfer that will help you make positive changes to your game by providing instant access to swing data via a mobile app. 

The analyzer is a highly-accurate tool that will give you a complete 360-degree view of your swing and provides insights that are invisible to the naked eye. The lightweight M-Tracer fastens to most clubs (putters excluded) and recalibrates with every swing and gets you the critical swing metrics you need to improve your game.

The analyzer works perfectly with Android and iOS deevice, by simply using the mobile app you get an instant access to your swing data. The mobile app stores up to 300 swings, while the web portal stores up to 2000 swings. 

And, they’re simple to use. Your data is easily uploaded wirelessly to the web portal. (Works with iOS and Android devices.). The device is very easy to set up and it records data at 1000 samples per second; automatically calibrates with each swing.

  • Affordable
  • 360-degree, 3D view of your swing path that helps you view complete swing rotation
  • Very easy to pair with smartphones
  • Can be used for a team
  • The clips are made of plastic
7. PIQ and Babolat Wearable Tennis Swing Analyzer - Best Tennis Swing Analyzer

PIQ and Babolat brings you this feather light sensor, that will enable you play tennis and show all you need to know about your game like swing analysis, stroke type, serve speed and more!

PIQ’s tennis sensor not only captures your shots and serves but also allows you to log where you played, the court surface, who you played against and your match results. Compare these results over multiple matches and get a better picture of your overall performance.

PIQ gives you the deep analysis that any tennis player would need. Track high level game stats and then drill into each shot. Select a shot type such as your forehand shots and see how many flat, slice and topspin forehands you hit during your game.

As your PIQ analysis leads you into improving your game, you can track your progress with friends or even share with the worldwide PIQ community. Set yourself a goal and see how you can make it to achieving. The device works well for advanced players and provides useful statistics and shows ways to make progress.

  • PIQ report tracks the number of shots, serves, backhands, forehands and overheads.
  • It logs your fastest swing, average speed and best rally.
  • You can download your data from the sensor to your smartphone, interpret this insightful data to plan your next practice session
  • Easy to use
  • Quite expensive

Swing Analyzer Buyers Guide

Are you thinking that with the aforementioned points, you can just easily go out to the market and buy a swing analyzers either for Golf, Baseball or Tennis? Hell No!

And if you don’t know, awing analyzers comes with several things you need to consider before you actually spend the hard earned money. They have different available analyzers, ways of attachments as well as different ways to set up and use and even.

Important Things to Look Out For When Buying a Swing Analyzer
No doubt, Technology is changing everything and golfing and baseball is not an exception to that. It has greatly improved sport so much that with a simply attachment and a smartphone a golfer or a baseball player can track and analyze detail important skills to improve them self like bat path angle, swing speed and much more.

However, below are some of the most important things to look out for when buying a swing analyzer;

Your Budget
You may have a certain amount you want to spend to buy a swing analyzer and thanks, they come in different price range and so your budget will determine the best one for you. For some, the swing analyzer your budget may be able to afford might not be the most expensive but be sure you can will a good swing analyzer at your budget.

Tracks and Records
A good golf swing analyzer would keep track and records of different types of data that you can use to improve your swing. Some of the important data that the golf swinger analyzer tracks and records include swing path, tempo, speed and face angle at impact. The more the types of data the swinger can track the more efficient it will be and some can even stores your actions in offline mode when your mobile phone is out of range.

A good golf swing analyzer should enhance your performance and not to interfere or disturb you when you play. A sure way to ensure that the device will not interfere with your play is that it should be attached in a suitable location. You should an analyzer that can be attached at the convenient place for you because different analyzers are attached at various places. The common attachment areas are the club’s shaft, club’s butt or on your golf glove.

Simple and Easy Set Up
The efficiency of a swing analyzer will depend on its simplicity and been ease to set up and us. If you  buy an analyzer that will give you trouble using it, then you will not get maximum efficiency from it or realize its full potential. A good analyzer should have very few control buttons if need be but, it should be a plug and play - very important (everything should be automatic).

In addition to what you need to look for in a swing analyzer, you need to also look at the standard of your golf. If you're a complete beginner, using a swing analyzer is not a replacement for a good coaching session. And in fact, regardless of your ability, we'd advise users to try and combine a swing analyzer with a coach.

Very few people have the perfect golf, tennis or baseball swing, so swing analyzers can be a little overwhelming – but for most high-handicappers, it's about recreating your best shot. A coach can tell you which of the metrics you should focus on, and what those numbers should be. The effectiveness of a swing analyzer can be limited without that guidance.

What to do now?

Now you have all the fact of what to look out for. Here is a quick review of what to look out for before getting that swing analyzer;
  • Make sure the swing analyzer can record 360 degree
  • Make sure the swing analyzer can sync to smartphones without stress
  • Should be compatible with your smartphone (Android or iOS)
  • For golf or baseball, ensure it can record for your whole team

What We Considered in the Rating

We considered so many factors before concluding our rating of the best Golf Swing Analyzer, the key things we kept in mind during this includes;

Performance is one of the key stuff we look at, we give the Golf swing Analyzers with the highest grades the most precise calibration and highest accuracy.

Data recording and display is important for visualization, so we took the data into consideration because the best golf swing analyzers measure several parameters which will define the mechanics of your swing.

The best and quality golf wing analyzer should be compatible with smart devices, and it should display instant feedback. So, we check swing analyzers that meets these feature and are contible with both Android and iOS devices.

Besides, displaying the parameters of your swing, some of the best golf analyzers can offer you some helpful tips that can help you improve and become a better golf player


Considering how the market of swing analyzer is, I hope list like this we helps you pick the best swing analyzer depending on your budget. Do keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a “perfect” analyzer, that’s why each analyzer is built to suit the need of different consumers.

We have added swing analyzers that are for budget oriented consumers as well as the analyzers that are for professional elites with more money to spend. In case you think there is a good swing analyzer that is missing here, please feel free to let us know.
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