Cablor Fitbit Alta Charger with USB Charging Cable for $7.49

If you want to track every moment and step with your Fitbit Alta, one charger cable for Fitbit Alta is never enough. An extra charger cable for your fitbit will be a must to keep your Fitbit Alta always fully charged. You would need a safe charge with built-in voltage regulator that can protect your Fitbit Alta from being damaged by over current.

That is where the Cablor Fitbit Alta Charger with USB Charging Cable comes in, it will never put your favorite fitbit at risk. Made 100% new and high quality material, it can stand 1000+ times insertion-and-extraction tests so you can trust it.

Very easy to charger, just plug it into any USB port on your computer for convenient and fast charging and coming with a two pack makes it fully prepared. One is for home and the other for office/trip. This Cablor Fitbit Alta Charger with USB Charging Cable is a great product and an important product for Fitbit Alta owners as this charger is specially designed for it.

You can order it from Amazon at a discount of 56% (allowing you to save $9.50) for just $7.49. I have not used it my self but user that has tested it has confirmed it is a great product. You can read the users review here. Note that this charger will not work for Fitbit Alta HR
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