5 Reason to Buy the TicWatch Pro

Currently, in the market, the Ticwatch Pro is one of the most interesting smartwatches you can buy now. Its dual-screen technology is genuinely an innovative idea that combines the functionality of a traditional watch with the benefits of a top-end Wear OS device. With a mid-range price, a premium design and lots of great features, it is definitely a smartwatch to own.

If you are still considering to buy the watch here are 5 reasons why you should make to your next wear device;


This is very important because you would not want to be charging your new devices on a regular basis. The Ticwatch Pro features a new high-end design and revolutionary dual-screen technology, one of the advantages of which is that it is designed with the intention of saving the battery life of weeks rather than days on a Wear OS smartwatch.

Since the watch can be switched between two different moods, the watch offers a minimum of 5-day battery life if the Auto switch to Essential Mode is turned on. This is really a great feature, the Layered Display technology enables you to control and maximize your battery life.

In Smart Mode Powered by Wear OS by Google, the battery can withstand a 2 - 5 day battery life while on an Essential Mode Fitness promises a 30-day battery life


A must look for in every smartwear for athletes, you need to track how many calories burned during exercise. If you are someone who takes your health and fitness very serious, then this is a must own smartwatch.

TicWatch Pro is packed with sensors so that your health and fitness data is measured accurately.

  • GPS tracker - Track your jogs and map your route accurately.
  • Heart-rate monitor - Keep a pulse on your heart health
  • Step counter
  • Calories burned counter
  • Speed and cadence monitor
  • Other Fitness Apps - Google Fit, Strava, Runkeeper
These features will help to track the progress of your training, monitor your heart rate and the data shown will till you if you are progressing or not which is very essential. 


Won't it fun to just make payments straight from your wrist? 

The TicWatch Pro has a feature that allows you to make payments after purchase directly from your wrist at millions of places without fumbling around for your wallet


With two screens and two moods, TicWatch Pro has both a high-resolution AMOLED screen and a power saving FSTN LCD screen to empower you with unprecedented control over extending battery life up to 30 days.

TicWatch Pro has Smart Mode and Essential Mode to adapt to your needs and optimize your battery usage. Optimize your battery usage by switching between Smart Mode and Essential Mode. Enable Auto Switch into Essential Mode when the battery is low ensuring a minimum battery life of 5 days on a single charge.


You may not want to break the bank because you need a quality smartwatch, This smartwatch is currently available for sale on Amazon ad a mid-range affordable price. Check the current price on Amazon

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