Polar Vintage V Review - Waterproof Multisport Smartwatch

You remember the Polar V800? Here is the replacement for the flagship smartwatch. This new Vantage V smartwatch is the multisports watch that Polar hopes will emulate the V800 - the Vantage V is top-end training tracker that’s designed for serious athletes or anyone who wants to up his training.

This watch is not just about tracking a run or a ride, but it's for the marathon runners that need something that can help optimise their training or a triathlete that needs a device that can truly go the distance. It took Polar four years to produce the successor to the V800.

It believes the Vantage V is that innovative watch to replace the V800i. Polar has overhauled the design of the hardware and software and added a bunch of new features that will appeal to athletes who crave for more data. There's a new heart rate monitor that Polar claims are the most accurate of its kind for the wrist.

There's a built-in power meter to tap into the latest running trend without needing to wear an additional device on your training shoes and there are a whole lot more. Wareable have been testing the Vantage V for a couple of months now, running, swimming, hitting the gym and tapping into its smartwatch-like features to find out if Polar has come up trumps. Here are some notable facts;

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